Minister for Finance Amos Kimunya of Kenya

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Kimunya was born in Kiambu and immediately migrated to the new Nyandarua District, Kenya.
Kimunya remained Finance Minister in the Cabinet appointed by Kibaki on January 8, 2008, following the controversial December 2007 election.
They do not know what Kimunya is accused of having done.
Kimunya is a person who got initiated to elite culture without proper roots/manners.
kimunya is our brother yes, but for the sake of our brothers and sisters now locked out of development lets get someone credible and worth backing.
Settlement Minister the following year.
President Mwai Kibaki took power in late 2002.
monopoly Telkom Kenya to France Telecom (FTE.
Between 2002 and 2006 the shrewd Kimunya had wormed his way into the president’s side and amerged as one of his most trusted errand boys.
Kimunya is now in the position that the prophet Elisha was in as the cup bearer to Prophet Elijah towards the end of his tenure in the holy Bible.
One newspaper headline even screamed shortly after the budget that Kimunya was set to create 250,000 jobs.
Kenya has changed presidents twice so far and both times the strategy that Mr Kimunya is pursuing has failed miserably despite looking like a sure winner up to the very last minute.
According to Breaking News Kenya, Finance minister Amos Kimunya has announced his resignation.
Mr Kimunya has resigned following nationwide pressure due to allegations of corruption in the handling of the sale of the Grand Regency Hotel.
Mr Kimunya denies it, saying that Central Bank got more money from the sale than it had projected.
Kimunya said in Parliament that this project was completed and fully paid for.
Kimunya says the project was cancelled and irrevocable promissory notes issued were returned together with a refund of the commitment fee of Ksh 72.
Kimunya has said that payments were stopped in 2005 and that he will refuse to make payments if they fall due.
Kimunya says there were no promissory notes issued with respect to this project and that it is a carry over from the previous government.
Kimunya said to Parliament, on May 2nd 2007 that the project is worth Ksh 4.
Kimunya is the irrevocable promissory notes worth Euros 40 million accompanied by a discharge note freeing the Government of Kenya from any legal liability on this project.
Finance minister Amos Kimunya has officially resigned.
Kimunya is still addressing the press conference in his Treasury Office whereby he announced his resignation.
Update 13h30 Local TimeIn tendering his resignation, Kimunya has indicated that he is stepping aside to pave way for investigations into the controversial Grand Regency Hotel saga.
Just two days ago, Kimunya was quoted at a public rally saying "he would rather die than resign.
Even as late as Monday evening, Kimunya was bold enough to repeat that he would not resign as he was being interviewed by Jeff Koinange on the K24 TV channel.
He has taken high moral ground, yes kimunya has done the right think, and he is now very much in for 2012 if his conscious is really clear.
But I have just read BBC news website that Kimunya has offered to resign.
Ati Kimunya was censured by the MPs coz of the issue of MPs paying tax.
Kimunya said "I have requested the president to allow me to step aside to facilitate this inquiry," 1st - Which enquiry? As far as I can see, the enquiry has already been completed by the Cabinet sub-committee and recommendations have been partially done.
But surely, does Kibaki have a choice4th - During the Kipiri Rally where there was plenty of chest-thumping, Kimunya said he would only "step aside" for an investigation if other top government officials, including Prime Minister Raila Odinga, did the same.
A Dispatch from Onyango Oloo in Nairobifirst draft uneditedIt is about 2 pm Kenya time and I have to rapidly revise this piece in the wake of the breaking news that Kimunya had not only offered to step aside but that the President had accepted this offer.
Imputing that the war against Kimunya was just the dress rehearsal for an upcoming campaign against Kibaki;Now there is no tangible evidence that money has been poured but it is interesting to note that the splashy, often trashy Weekly Citizen tabloid made the Luo versus Kikuyu angle the thrust of their cover story in their current edition.
On Sunday I watched Paul Muite on Family TV basically taking a very progressive stance on the issue- stating that Kimunya had to go and saying that the reformists in the Grand Coalition, and he singled out Raila and Orengo were being undermined by the conservatives around the President.
since President Mwai Kibaki took power in late 2002.
Kimunya was elected to parliament for the central Kipipiri constituency in 2002 and named lands minister the following year.
Kimunya was credited with maintaining the economic growth that east Africa's biggest economy has enjoyed since President Mwai Kibaki took power in late 2002.
A former team captain at the prestigious Muthaiga Golf Club, once a favourite Kibaki haunt, Kimunya is seen by many as part of the president's inner circle of politicians from the dominant Kikuyu ethnic community.
Finance minister Amos Kimunya has denied reports that he influenced a Chinese roads contractor to put up residential houses on his farm in Kipipiri constituency.
Mr Kimunya said the contractor had built eight houses for Kipipiri Foods Limited.
Mr Kimunya said he made the decision after consulting President Kibaki, his own family and colleagues.
At the time, Mr Kimunya was transferred from the Lands Ministry to Finance after Mr Mwiraria quit.
Now that Mr Kimunya has stepped aside, President Kibaki can either name a substantive replacement or appoint an acting minister from serving Cabinet ministers to fill in at Finance.
Mr Kimunya is the first minister in the grand coalition to step aside to pave the way for investigations.
It was not known whether President Kibaki will appoint another team to investigate the sale of Grand Regency as Mr Kimunya has since dismissed the one appointed by Mr Odinga as biased.
Between 2002 and 2006 the shrewd Kimunya had wormed his way.
2008-07-08 16:40 TUKenyan Prime Minister Raila OdingaKenyan Finance Minister Amos Kimunya has resigned over suspicion of corruption in the sale of a luxury Nairobi hotel.
Amos Kimunya says "his hands are clean.
The commission found out that Kimunya is not guilty because he did not play any pertinent role in disposing off the hotel to the Libyan investors despite the fact that he was the Finance minister.
The committee recommends to the appointing authority (the President) that he be advised that the conduct of Amos Kimunya is not compatible with that of a minister, reads the parliamentary report in part.
Kimunya was accused of misleading the committee on May 21, 2008 that Grand Regency hotel had not been disposed off only to realise that LAICO had on May 8 paid Sh290 million as the down payment of the purchase price of Sh2.
Kimunya had also evoked the Presidents trip to Tripoli as the basis that informed the sale of Grand Regency hotel to the Libyan investors while defending himself against a censure motion in Parliament.
Amos Kimunya was on his way to delivering 6-7% growth as was clearly evident in the confident noises he was making at this forum.
Kenya's finance minister Amos Kimunya has resigned after being named in a corruption scandal.
Kimunya had been embroiled in a scandal involving the controversial sale of the government-owned Grand Regency Hotel in Nairobi, which was reportedly purchased by a business group at a below-market price.
Kimunya is widely regarded as an ally to President Mwai Kibaki.
On the issue of corruption, which has been the main culprit of Kenyan economic drawback, Kimunya said the government was doing all it could to reduce the vice.
would not give any signs to degrade his government.
of president Kibaki and he is a trusted emissary.
Kenyan Finance Minister Amos Kimunya said the 2008-09 budget forecasts revenues of 512.
Kenyan Finance Amos Kimunya said the 2008-09 budget forecasts revenues of 512.
It is clear that Amos Kimunya is no ordinary Finance Minister.
While it is obvious that Kimunya was the perfect “smoke screen” to use to divert the attention of the increasingly “nosy press” (who appear to have taken a break from their usual furious note taking and dictation duties from politicians to start doing some semblance of journalism work), questions still linger.
The battle against Kimunya has been very personal but it is also clear that MPs are taking this opportunity to stamp their authority and indeed put the executive on notice that they are not going to be push overs.
Mr Kimunya had arrived in a private vehicle but did not alight.
When the question was first asked in Parliament last April, Mr Kimunya denied that the hotel had been sold dismissed the claims as “bar-talk.
I have requested his Excellency the president to be allowed to step aside to facilitate this enquiry, Kimunya said at a press conference.
Mr Kimunya was last week accused by MPs of not following the law in selling the hotel, leading to a vote of no confidence against him in Parliament.
But Mr Kimunya said he would only resign along with Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Attorney General Amos Wako, Lands minister James Orengo, and Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission director Aaron Ringera, who, he said, were also privy to the hotel sale details.
In a strong defense he mounted from his Kipipiri constituency in the presence of Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta and four MPs, Mr Kimunya described the onslaught against him as a political witch-hunt.
The MPs said Mr Kimunya was being attacked politically because of his efforts in fighting corruption.
Kimunya had been finance minister for most of the period since 2003, a time of strong growth.
Reversing prior remarks the government-owned hotel had not been sold, Kimunya said last week it had gone for 2.
PHOTO: STAFFORD ONDEGOThen on Saturday Kimunya was summoned to State House by President Kibaki, in what is understood to have been a thorough debriefing on what he would do to control the damage caused by accusations against him and the vote of no confidence, sources told The Standard.
Kenya's Finance Minister Amos Kimunya and other officials should be suspended over alleged fraud, says a government inquiry led by the attorney general.
passport printing scam known as Anglo-Leasing.
the dominant Kikuyu ethnic community.
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Nairobi Finance Minister Amos Kimunya has certainly come out fighting.
Mr Kimunya is either being extremely mischievous or simply giving back as good as he got.
Nowhere in the report is there the slightest indication that Mr Kimunya was involved in the deal.
It remains unclear, therefore, whether Mr Kimunya was found guilty for publicly supporting the sale once it was exposed, or for playing a more direct role not mentioned in the report.
MPs who drew up the report say President Kibaki should be told that Mr Kimunya is unfit to return to the Cabinet and that he should be severely reprimanded.
They quoted the report and said it concluded: “That the appointing authority be advised that the conduct of Mr Kimunya is not compatible with that of a Cabinet minister.
Mr Kimunya was forced to step aside last month to allow investigations into the Grand Regency sale after Parliament passed a vote of no confidence in him.
Finance Minister Amos Kimunya has finally bowed to pressure and quit his job.
On Sunday, Kimunya had accused Prime Minister Raila Odinga of being part of a wider scheme to bring him down and said if he had to resign, then Raila, Attorney General Amos Wako, Lands Minister James Orengo and anti-corruption commission director Aaron Ringera must also step aside to allow for investigation.
Kimunya has made contradictory public statements about the circumstances of the sale.
PI:84} Kimunya was elected as member of parliament for the central Kipipiri constituency in 2002 and appointed Lands and Settlement Minister the following year.
PI:84} Kimunya was credited for maintaining the economic growth that Kenya, east Africa's biggest economy, enjoyed after President Mwai Kibaki took power in late 2002.
PI:84} A former club captain at the prestigious Muthaiga Golf Club, once a favourite haunt for Kibaki, Kimunya is viewed by many as part of the president's inner circle of politicians from the dominant Kikuyu ethnic community.
PI:84} Kimunya has presided over Kenya's ongoing privatisation programme, like the sale of 51 percent in the state landline monopoly Telkom Kenya to France Telecom.
Kimunya denies any involvement in the alleged corruption charges against him.
But Kimunya had repeatedly refused to resign, saying his hands are "totally clean" and that he would "rather die" than step aside.
It would appear, according to the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee of the tenth Parliament, Amos Kimunya has been violating a series of regulations regarding privatization procedures in Kenya.
He has cited the sale of Telkom Kenya , Safaricom and now Grand Regency as just but three reasons why Amos Kimunya is not fit to hold the office of Finance Minister.
These reasons are grave enough to make the most insensitive head of state wake up from deep slumber and act because Amos Kimunya has lit fire under the feet of President Kibaki.