Attorney General Amos Wako of Kenya

Wako receives media view on way forwardThe Standard, Kenya 1/14/2009 11:45:11 PMPublished on 13/01/2009.
Attorney general Amos Wako said the Witness Protection Act, passed by Parliament in 2006, would be implemented on that day after funds are.
March 2008 Posted to the web 17 March 2008 Attorney General Mr Amos Wako has given an ultimatum for all Election petitions to be concluded by the end of the year.
The Attorney General, Amos Wako came in for especially strong criticism.
Can somebody please tell me what good Amos Wako has ever done for the country? There is no scandal he has ever prevented, there is no important prosecution he has ever.
Wako is currently Chairman of the Ministers of Justice/Attorneys- General of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA.
Wako is married and has two children.
He served in several professional organizations, including holding the position of Secretary General of the African Bar Association from 1978 to 1980, … WikipediaBorn:July 31, 1945Related Searches:attorney generalInter-African Union of LawyerUniversity College of Dar-es-SalaamGoldenberg scandalBachelor of LawsMaster of LawsCorruption in KenyaUniversity of Londonpoliticianuniversity of nairobikenyanbachelor of sciencelawyereconomicsAfrican Bar AssociationNews About Amos WakoAmos Wako had a news item on Live Search NewsWako receives media view on way forwarddocument.
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Wako has a penchant for always springing ingenious defence.
Wako was aware of the sale at all times.
Second, Wako is a Member of Parliament and draws a salary as such.
Amos Wako was today elected a member of the prestigious International Law Commission at the 61st Session of the United Nations General Assembly held at the United Nations Headquarters, New York.
Amos Wako has always taken Kenyans for a ride in all his dealings.
his office is very vital but as far as it seems, just as it has been for some time now,he plays around with issues that directly deals with his office-I also think that Wako is not independent and therefore cannot act with any expedience-It is as if he has to consult some people before he can actually perform his legal duties.
Bwana wako-Why dont you take up your work and serve the interests of kenyans rather than interests of the 'big'men in the government? There is no any single time that wako has ever accepted any responsibility instead he defends himself and throws blame to others.
Until the ECK is given such a power that it can hang (jail) doltish elements like Nyachae, then Amos Wako has to do his work, otherwise he should resign since he is a disgrace.
Wako has been an extremely 'good' officer for both the Moi and Kibaki regimes.
Sale was procedural, Cockar Commission told-04 Aug 2008Kenya Broadcasting Corporation,It also emerged that the Attorney General Amos Wako was not involved in the transaction but lands permanent secretary Dorothy Angote endorsed the sale.
Agriculture minister William RutoSeptember 9, 2008: Attorney- General Amos Wako has pitched into the battle over sugar with a warning that a government proposal to introduce new import rules is illegal and could provoke a major trade war in an export market that is Kenyas biggest.
Announcing formation of the unit in Nairobi Wednesday, Attorney-General Amos Wako said the disease posed many challenges to the Kenyan society.
Though Kenyan scientists took part in development of substances for treating HIV cases, Wako said they did not include in research contracts provisions to secure benefit for their intellectual input.
By Abiya OcholaAttorney General Amos Wako has said masterminds of post-election violence could be charged for crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague, Netherlands.
While absolving his office from blame, Wako said he would not engage in the ongoing debate on amnesty by both sides of the political divide.
Wako said he had set up a joint team with the Commissioner of Police to carry out a joint audit of cases before court and those under investigation.
On bans imposed on local TV stations in the aftermath of post-election disturbances, Wako said the edict by then Internal Security minister was "unprocedural and illegal.
Mr Wako has been AG since the change from one-party dictatorship in the early 1990s.
We have sunk so low because Mr Wako has abdicated his duties.
But has Mr Wako acquitted himself?As the AG, Mr Wako has seen Kenya go through legal and political upheavals.
Wako says none of those who participated in post-election violence should benefit from amnesty.
Politicians responsible for organising the post-election violence should be barred from public office; and none of those who participated in the mayhem should benefit from amnesty.
Mr Wako said that investigators had difficulties tracing witnesses because of displacement that affected over 350,000 people and that some were unwilling to come forward for fear of reprisals.
Calling for an overhaul of the criminal justice system, Mr Wako said the country lacked the capacity to investigate various criminal acts and urged the establishment of directorate of criminal investigation through an Act of Parliament to be placed under the AG’s office, The CID is presently a department of the Police Force.
Asked by Justice Waki whether the police could investigate themselves, Mr Wako was noncommittal.
Defending himself minutes before parliament passed a vote of no confidence on him over his handling of the sale of the Grand Regency Hotel, Kimunya said the Attorney General Amos Wako was fully briefed on the sale of the Grand Regency Hotel despite his denials.
Warning Kenya was quickly degenerating into a catastrophe of unimaginable proportions, Wako said both sides should agree on an independent person or body to carry out a proper tally of votes from the Dec 27 poll.
Kenyan Attorney General Amos Wako said he is overwhelmed by increasing demand for the registration of churches in the African country.
Speaking at Safari Park Hotel in Nairobi during a workshop for church leaders, Wako said about 60 applications are filed every month.
Wako said the department lacks the capacity to “handle the avalanche of applications properly.
Attorney General Amos Wako said the draft which must include specific recommendations should reach his office by 4.
In a statement sent to newsrooms, Mr Wako said he would thereafter convene a meeting with Information and Communications Minister Samuel Poghisio and media representatives to deliberate the matter.
Attorney-General Amos Wako said yesterday that the law would curb the proliferation of religious groups in the country.
Busia after the burial of his aunt, Mrs Namirembe Wafula.
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New York, April 25, 2002—CPJ is alarmed that Kenyan attorney general Amos Wako has reintroduced a repressive media bill in Parliament.
Each time, Wako has withdrawn the legislation after fierce criticism from lawmakers and the press.