Minister for Water and Irrigation Charity Kaluki Ngilu of Kenya

Ngilu was born in Mbooni, Makueni District in 1952.
Ngilu was seen as a new school member in the government, as opposed to old school members like John Michuki and President Kibaki.
On July 31, 2007, Ngilu took Ann Njogu, a protester, to a hospital after Njogu had allegedly been beaten by police.
Ngilu was then accused of helping Njogu escape the police, and she was arrested on August 2 before being released on bail.
Ngilu was re-elected to her seat from Kitui Central in the December 2007 parliamentary election.
The crisis was eventually resolved with a power-sharing agreement, and in the grand coalition Cabinet named on April 13, 2008 and sworn in on April 17, Ngilu was appointed as Minister of Water and Irrigation.
Mrs Charity Kaluki Ngilu is the Minister of Health of Kenya.
Mrs Ngilu was the Social Democratic candidate for the Presidency of Kenya in the 1997 elections.
Before entering politics, Mrs Ngilu was Managing-Director of a food-manufacturing company in Nairobi.
Ngilu was born in 1952 in Mbooni, Makueni District which is located in Kenya's Eastern Province.
Born in the village of Mbooni in rural Kenya, Ngilu was one of 13 children.
Ngilu has been a human rights crusader and she definitely understands the importance of water and sanitation and its transparent and accountable management to all but i cannot understand why she is taking almost a year to resolve a clear case of corruption, power play and selfishness in appointing the board of directors for the mombasa water and sewerage company.
Guys have we forgoten the golden burg, angloleasing, the armenians, nation raid? why can't we open our eyes and see that we're fighting the wrong person? i remember mama ngilu was once accused of appointing many kambas to health instutions like mtc? we kamba forgot of the angloleasing and all the scandals she has been sidelined.
Ngilu is a politician and a Human being, those two aint perfect.
Mange, I told you! A cabinet without mama ngilu was unacceptable.
Hongera! A ministry to mama ngilu is a service to the nation.
Ms Charity K Ngilu is one of most respected parliamentarians albeit her run ins with the law recently.
You see I am not saying that Mwangu Ivuti is a better MP than Ngilu, no BUT on the same breadth, i think it is also wrong to insinuate that Ngilu is a better Mp.
Charity Ngilu is a failed MP who only plays to the gallery, albeit at ridiculous levels, to retain political relevance.
It is my conviction that to harness the faith communities in the response to HIV and AIDS will always be an advantage, Ngilu said on June 19, while opening a meeting in Nairobi of an African church-linked network on HIV and AIDS.
Ngilu was able to get her bill passed by Kenya's Parliament.
and Anglican churches for their commitment to fight for the rights of Kenyans.
WHO | Charity NgiluMrs Charity Kaluki Ngilu is the Minister of Health of Kenya.
Charity Kaluki Ngilu is currently the Minister of Health of Kenya and Commissioner at the World Health Organization.
Between her countrywide busy schedule of receiving samples of contaminated bottled water in Mandera, Kisumu and inaugurating new water boards as well as launching projects, Ngilu has made time for politics, setting adversaries on fire.
With PM and party leader having lately taken a reconciliatory stance, Ngilu remains the true face of ODM’s dissatisfaction, defiance and boldness.
And even as Kalonzo woos the Central Kenya vote, Ngilu is convinced the VP does not understand what he is getting into.
The person who would really sweat it out (even if they were to ultimately win) in a political contest between the two would be Kalonzo because apart from her influence in Kitui and the environs, Ngilu is hugely popular in her native Machakos.
It is also no secret that Ngilu has used her Health portfolio to gain immense political capital.
Many inexperienced analysts are saying that Ngilu has been inconsistent in her political stand.
Now that the elections are around the corner, Ngilu has to quickly re-invent herself.
There is no doubting the fact that what Ngilu is going for this time round is not bargaining power, but the highest price of all.
In all the chaos that is sure to follow, Ngilu is carefully positioning herself as the ideal possible compromise candidate.
Soon after the funeral, Ngilu was secretly admitted at a private clinic near Nairobi hospital where she stayed for three days.
Ngilu then took up the challenge and this has generated a lot of attention, not only because she is a woman, but because Mrs Ngilu has so far displayed that she is a force to reckon with.
Beyond mere fascination and normal ambition that comes with such an office, Ngilu is seeking to make real differences in the lives of the Kenyan people.
Initially, Ngilu was ignored by the bulk of the Akamba political leaders in her area.
The outcome of her presidential bid remains yet to be seen but by merely entering the scene, Ngilu has caused quite a stir which even if she does not give her the highest seat, might beyond doubt stamp her mark in history as the first woman in Kenya to command national support.
Though she came fifth at the end of the race to State House, Ngilu had rammed home a powerful political point that women can actually join an all-male race.
Ngilu is not the first political heroine from Ukambani to see her star dimmed by the sometimes unpredictable dynamics of Kenya politics.
Ngilu was the first woman Presidential candidate in sub-Saharan Africa.
Ngilu came out, drying her hands on an apron.
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