Minister for Public Works Chris Obure of Kenya

Crop Biotechnology NewsPrint this pageClose windowObure Denies GM Food ClaimPublication: The NationDate: Friday, January 19, 2001Nairobi -- The Government now says it is not against genetically-modified foods.
Obure said research on GM foods by the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI) in collaboration with multinational companies was still on course.
Obure said he had advised farmers not to abandon traditional foods for modern ones.
Public Works minister Chris Obure is now championing the formation of a National Construction Authority to support young Kenyan entrepreneurs venturing into the capital intensive sector.
Meanwhile, Mr Obure said the government intends to come up with a law on the registration of contractors.
Public Works Minister Chris Obure said on Friday that a new contractor would be enlisted to complete the Sh197 million home which should be finalised in the next eight months.
Following failure to meet the second deadline, Mr Obure said the government held a consultative meeting with the contractor in March this year and for another time he committed to complete the work by end of August this year.
Mr Obure said his ministry last week conducted an inspection and reported lack of commitment by the contractor to complete the work hence the termination of the contractor early this week.
Obure said those complaining were insincere and out to distract the PM from his development agenda.
In a recent parliament statement, Foreign Affairs Minister Chris Obure said having liberalized the oil industry in the country, importation of oil has become a private sector affairs, and that all oil firms are at liberty to import oil from the Sudan under the COMESA rules.
the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA.
reduction strategy paper published early 2000.
Roads minister Chris Obure said construction of the first modern highway in East and Central Africa will take 30 months and would cost Sh27 billion.
Obure said the new highway will have all the T- junctions done away with and extra features such as fly-overs, underpasses, interchanges, pedestrian grade separators, cross drainage system and modern streetlighting facilities all the way to Thika town.
Obure was given a rousing welcome by hundreds of Kanu supporters at Maji Mazuri sports ground in his Bobasi constituency.
Obure said the allegations by Nyachae at Gusii Stadium were an insult to Bobasi constituents who elected him to Parliament since he is a sober person.
Obure said no politician should cross into other constituencies to interfere with political issues there.
Obure said the unity of the Abagusii and their co-existence with other tribes in the country should be safeguarded by local leaders instead of what he termed as antagonistic political manoeuvres.
In 1992, Obure was technically barred from freely campaigning in the constituency as youths at that time ganged up together to make sure he did not rig again.
nobody can be more understanding and developement concious like this man.
I am very happy to see Chris Obure has been placed in power once again.
pliz has consistuent of bobasi, honourable obure is equally more of the same as honourable manoti kengele!who has no focussed leadership and strategic plan for th future only interested in self financial gratification.
The matter came up as Mr Obure was replying to a question by Kandara MP Maina Kamau (PNU) who wanted to know what steps the ministry was taking to expand Thika Road.
In reply, Mr Obure said the contract has been awarded to three contractors who were yet to go to the site because of the buildings on the road reserves.
Speaking at Nyansongo in Gucha, Mr Obure said that the government resolved to hire 16,800 teachers on internship to curb the nationwide shortage.
To show their discomfort, William Ruto and Chris Obure had to talk about the National Accord principals without mentioning the other partner.
Algeria, but said the situation would improve soon.
Mr Obure said he would strive to complete stalled projects to maximise on the budget allocation.
Finance Minister Chris Obure has announced plans to raise taxes, saying the government will increase revenues from 2.
Obure says "Since the suspension of donor support the government has relied on domestic borrowing.
Mr Obure said the government will rehabilitate about 112 kilometres of roads in the area while Prof Saitoti pledged to deploy more security officers in the area following complaints by locals over rising insecurity blamed on the members of the sect.