Minister of State for Provincial Administration and National Security George Saitoti of Kenya

On August 30, 2002, Saitoti was dismissed as Vice-President by President Daniel arap Moi for disloyalty; Saitoti was also removed from his post as Vice-Chairman of the Kenyan African National Union (KANU.
In the Cabinet appointed by Kibaki on January 8, 2008, following the controversial December 2007 election, Saitoti was named Minister of State for Provincial Administration and Internal Security in the Office of the President.
Saitoti has expressed his desire to run for President of Kenya in 2012.
Kenyan former Vice-President George Saitoti should not be charged over the country's biggest financial scandal, the Kenyan High Court has ruled.
Mr Saitoti was serving at the time as finance minister and vice-president.
The court ruled that Mr Saitoti had been acting according to procedure when he approved a payment to the firm Goldenberg International.
Today marks my happiest day in the last 16 years because during that period I have gone through much pain and suffering," Mr Saitoti said after the judgement.
It is time for right-thinking Kikuyus to speak.
The Bosire Commission had considered this question and it was their view that if Parliament had intended to make legal what Prof Saitoti had done, the only way to do so was to pass an Act of Parliament and to make it retrospective.
The Constitutional Court went as far as looking at the Hansard report and noting that Prof Saitoti was subjected to questions and points of order.
So, in my interpretation, Prof Saitoti has no protection under Section 4 of the Act for any act he did or words he spoke in his capacity as a Cabinet minister.
Saitoti has returned to Cabinet as the political head of the Criminal Investigation Department which is purportedly still also investigating Goldenberg suspects.
Former (kenyan) wrote:Saitoti has children.
RV Bandit wrote:Former (kenyan) wrote:Saitoti has children.
Are you sure about this? Saitoti is seedless moron who doesnt deserveany leadership position.
Nabongo wrote:Do people know who really Saitoti is he is a silent killer i can compare him in the category of Mugabe and They have one thing in common also all of them dont have children of their own.
During an illustrious career as a public servant, Saitoti has held a variety of high-level positions in the Kenyan government, including vice president (1989-97, 1999-2002), minister of finance (1983-88), and minister for planning and national development (1997-99.
In 1988, Saitoti received the first Brandeis Alumni Achievement Award, the highest honor the University bestows upon its graduates.
NAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 19 - Internal Security Minister Professor George Saitoti has finally been endorsed as Party of National Unity (PNU) Chairman, consolidating his long-time dream towards clinching the countrys presidency.
Professor Saitoti was elected on Friday alongside President Mwai Kibaki who was unanimously endorsed as Party Leader, at the PNU National Delegates Conference (NDC) held at Kasarani Sports Complex in Nairobi.
Internal Security minister George Saitoti has ordered the closure of bars and clubs operating in residential estates.
Party chairman George Saitoti said that the newly-elected officials had resolved to build a dynamic party, which would not only unite all Kenyans, but also form the next government.
Saitoti is a day dreamer,he will also lose his Kajiado seatAb-Titchaz wrote:Saitoti election stirs Kibaki succession debate.
digalo wrote:Saitoti is a day dreamer,he will also lose his Kajiado seatAb-Titchaz wrote:Saitoti election stirs Kibaki succession debate.
Never!!!BTW: Saitoti is a billionaire, Uhuru is a billionaire.
Prof Saitoti had not returned to Kasarani until Friday.
95 Ashgate ISBN 0-7546-1988-5 For most of the last two decades, George Saitoti has been a key figure in.
AN attack on a village in Njoro, Nakuru district, that led to the death of an elderly man was not an inter-ethnic clash, Internal Security minister George Saitoti has said.
But while fielding questions from the press at his Harambee House office in Nairobi, Saitoti said the incident in which 75-year-old James Kariuki Gitiru was hacked to death at Kamwaura farm on Monday night was being investigated.
Saitoti was speaking after a call by Namibian National Assembly Standing Committee on Security led by chairman John Nakaye at his Harambee House office.
Saitoti said Kenya had continued to provide opportunities for Namibian senior military personnel to train at the college.
It is said that Saitoti has teamed up Uhuru and Kalonzo to stall the Bill because they believe that if it succeeds, it would give Karua a lot clout.
95 Ashgate ISBN 0-746-1988-5 For most of the last two decades, George Saitoti has been a key figure in the Kenyan government.
Nevertheless, Saitoti says that in his view, Africa requires strong governments that participate in the economy to complement (his emphasis) markets.
George Saitoti has served as Kenya’s Vice President for 13 years.
George Saitoti is currently the Minister for Education Science and Technology for the Republic of Kenya.
The ruling said Saitoti had acted according to procedure when he approved a payment to Goldenberg International.
Saitoti was not in the House but his Assistant Minister Orwa Ojode said a response would be given on Wednesday.
Police Still Holding Saitoti's Gun, Passport: Former Cabinet minister Prof George Saitoti is among top Goldenberg suspects whose passports and guns were withdrawn in February.
Saitoti is the latest attempt to crush an unprecedented rebellion in his party.
Saitoti was one of President Moi's most loyal allies.
Forced to step down as education minister in March after being implicated in the Bosire report, Saitoti is now back to the cabinet, thanks to his allies who have been exhorting the president to reinstate him.
Seen in the inner circles as a possible successor to the 75-year-old Kibaki should he opt not to run for a second term, Saitoti has proved to be a resilient politician who bounces back after being written off.
Saitoti was in for a rude shock again in March 2002 when Raila Odinga's National Development Party (NDP) merged with the then ruling KANU.
When Moi finally declared neophyte Uhuru Kenyatta as his heir, Saitoti joined Raila and Kalonzo Musyoka among others in a rebellion that led to the formation of the Rainbow Alliance which teamed up with Kibaki's National Alliance Party of Kenya (NAK) to form the National Rainbow Coalition (Narc) which later ousted KANU.
Saitoti was appointed education minister, scoring high marks in the implementation of the free primary education program.
Saitoti said that another serious challenge that undermined development prospects in Africa were civil conflicts that diverted scarce financial and human resources to war activities.