Minister of State for Immigration and Registration of Persons Gerald Otieno Kajwang of Kenya

Gerald Otieno Kajwang is a Kenyan politician.
Mr Kajwang is among the eloquent Lawyers in the country who comprehend the rule of law as it is.
Yes Kajwang is Raila's Buddy but when it comes to the ballot Raila doesn't matter, i strongly believe tyhat Kajwang is just a leader and knows what he is doing.
Kajwang is a national leader who looks beyond his constituency but together with other Kenyan leaders fight for the betterment of this nation.
On 16/04/2008 18:52:53 Chris Kalii of Manchester, United Kingdom wrote: Mr Kajwang:You have the biggest smile of your life on your face.
Secondly, even before the Canobbios case has been finalised, Kajwang was in the news again this week when he was reported to have declared a Mr Mohamed Sirat a prohibited immigrant, claiming that the Australian Embassy had confirmed to him that indeed Sirat was their citizen.
whatever happens kajwang has proved that he is there to do the job where are the nay sayers who where preoccupied with his initial excitement oh how we love to major on minors.
The Al Qaida Comoran and Yemeni suspects who bombed the US Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1997 were found to be travelling on Kenyan passports!Enter Kabuga!More recently, it was widely reported in the local and international press, that a Kenyan court had ordered the freezing of property of one of the world’s most wanted Rwandan genocide suspects, Felicien Kabuga, who is known to travel in and out of Nairobi using several aliases including some on Kenyan diplomatic passports which Kajwang is reportedly said to have already cancelled and accordingly informed Interpol.
As Kajwang discusses his tribulations with Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Kenyans will remember that portfolio balance nearly resulted into the collapse of the Annan peace talks and even when they agreed to form cabinet, ODM came out of the process seriously short-changed.
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Kajwang is better off as a cheerleaders, gumo of the jeshi la mzee fame.