Minister for Environment and Mineral Resources John Michuki of Kenya

Michuki joined the civil service at the age of 25 in 1955, and at the height of Mau Mau War Michuki started working for the colonial administration when the word state security was used to intimidate the African press.
Internal Security Minister John Michuki said the raids on the Standard group in Nairobi were designed to protect state security.
Michuki was moved to the position of Minister for Roads and Public Works in the Cabinet named by President Kibaki on January 8, 2008, following the controversial December 2007 presidential election.
After Kibaki and his opponent, Raila Odinga, reached a power-sharing agreement, Michuki was appointed as Minister for the Environment and Mineral Resources in the Cabinet named on April 13, 2008 and sworn in on April 17.
The Release Political Prisoners Trust (RPP) scolds at the minister�s comments that the Government could cut diplomatic relations with countries questioning On Monday, the new Roads minister Mr John Michuki, a core member of Kibakis Cabinet, stunned journalists when he stated that there was no crisis in the Moreover, the government side is not helping the situation with belligerent elements like Roads Minister John Michuki continuing to talk tough, The stalemate arising from the disputed presidential election can only be addressed in a court of law, Roads and Public Works minister John Michuki said Public works minister John Michuki, a member of the presidents inner circle, said there is no need for outside help.
January 18, 2008: New Roads minister John Michuki is issuing a tough warning to contractors who fail to complete projects on time: they will lose them.
Environment Minister John MichukiSeptember 16, 2008: Environment Minister John Michuki said on Monday that politics was contributing to the reduction in forest cover and destruction of water catchment areas like Mau forest.
Mr Michuki said the two issues of great concern to Kenya were exploitation of the current stock of natural resource resources while reducing poverty levels.
Michuki said that was the only better solution to fight the high rate of poverty in the country, particularly in the rural areas.
John Michuki said this will result in reduction of the overall cost of electricity to consumers by 35.
Michuki said he had written to Internal Security Minister George Saitoti, asking him to provide more police officers for security during night port operations.
Michuki said he would convene a port stakeholders’ meeting on November 10 to ensure his deadline was honoured by KRA and KPA.
PROFILEJOHN NJOROGE MICHUKIJohn Njoroge Michuki was born in December, 1932 at Kangema, Fort Hall District, currently known as Muranga District.
Michuki was appointed the Minister for Transport and Communication where he brought order in the transport Industry.
Michuki was transferred to the Office of the President where he took charge of the Provincial Administration and Internal Security docket.
Government minister John Michuki said there was no need for former UN chief Kofi Annan to visit Kenya on Tuesday to lead fresh mediation efforts.
I am actually surprised by what Michuki is saying.
But that was nearly five years ago for immediately Michuki was moved to a different ministry, every gain he helped restore was reversed.
John Michuki was the best bet to keep the lid tightly shut lest the worms come out crawling to embarrass the king.
Incredibly John Michuki is a man who seems to have built a reputation amongst the Kenyan public for getting things done.
John Michuki was Minister of Transport early in the Kibaki administration and was praised for bringing order to the previously chaotic industry.
So how is it that they failed in Kenya and without a fight? Who owns Citti Hoppa? Is there any connection between its' ownership and the new Finance Minister? After the ill-fated 2007 general elections Mr Michuki was briefly appointed Minister for Roads.
What we should now expect from Mr Michuki is a flurry of exciting press conferences to whisper many sweet nothings into the ears of the Kenyan people.
michuki is a gentle man according to the job he has done even if I' am His neighbour and He has not yet helped me.
Mr Michuki is leading a powerful State delegation seeking to decongest the port which serves the Great Lakes region.
After a meeting with port stakeholders on Tuesday, Mr Michuki said he had established that the Kebs had not complied with a presidential directive that the port operates on a 24-hour basis.
Mr Michuki was scheduled to address the meeting on Friday to state Kenya’s official position on the current negotiations towards a new global climate change deal.
Michuki is a minister to 2 ministries.
Michuki said that the Japanese government has been supportive of Kenya's effort to improve agricultural productivity and food security.
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This was after Michuki had launched 24-hour operations at the port.
On Wednesday, acting Finance minister John Michuki said the Government had set Sh1,700 as the price for a bag maize.