Minister for Cooperative Development Joseph Nyagah of Kenya

At 87, frail but still an avid reader, Nyagah was not a wealthy politician.
But having been one of the midwives of the new republic, Nyagah had several enemies.
When he became the founder principal of Kangaru School in Embu - where their firstborn Joseph Nyagah was born - they were man and wife.
Nyagah was awarded the Bronze Wolf, the only distinction of the World Organization of the Scout Movement, awarded by the World Scout Committee for exceptional services to world Scouting, in 1982.
His eldest son Joseph Nyagah is a cabinet Minister in the ministry of coperatives as a nominated MP by the ODM party, and a former member of parliament for Gachoka constituency.
Joseph Nyagah is a pentagon member of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), a major political party.
His second son Norman Nyagah is the former Member of parliament for Kamukunji Constituency constituency and also the former Govt Chief Whip.
joe nyagah was nominated with his fat matako self.
A recent, widely circulated article by presidential aspirant Joseph Nyagah was no surprise.
Besides facing widespread criticism for failing to make proper use of the Constituency Development Fund money, Mr Nyagah is also accused of being largely absent from the constituency and being inaccessible to his constituents.
Nyagah said his father’s last wish was to see the country return to normalcy.
He noted that Nyagah had served as assistant minister up to 1966 when he became a Cabinet minister and served in Education, Agriculture, Environment and Health ministries.
Kalonzo said Nyagah had served the nation with dedication and dignity and "played a key role in nation building for more than five decades.
The country director, Ms Else Kragholm, said Nyagah was special to the organisation.
Nyagah was once touted to be Kibaki’s most formidable but silent rival in Central Province, and one of former President Daniel Moi’s allies.
Then, Jeremiah Nyagah was an assistant education officer in Kiambu.
While Nyagah was comfortable networking with politicians from the other parts of the country, Kibaki seemed more at ease in Central Province.
But Norman Nyagah was to use DP to reclaim the Gachoka seat from his father in 1992.
Nyagah is alleging that votes from Nithi have been rigged.
Joseph Nyagah is a 27-year-old young entrepreneur.
brbr/bbr/ Joseph Nyagah is a 27-year-old young entrepreneur.
I have known Joe Nyagah since 1974 and was his colleague at First Chicago bank.
Nyagah has in the past six months been wooing voters from the larger Meru, Embu, Mbeere and Kirinyaga.
An ally of Lang'ata MP Mr Raila Odinga, Nyagah said ODM-Kenya would be holding a rally in Meru on the same day.
Nyagah said they want to break away from Gema and seek unity with communities outside central Kenya.
Nyagah said his efforts should not be seen as a move to spoil Kibaki's re-election bid, but one to strengthen the region's political bargaining power.
Nyagah said Morgan was staying in a Nairobi hotel.
We shall support your ministry in developing curricula and disseminating cooperative education and training pro grammes in a bid to revive cooperatives in your country," Nyagah has said.