Minister for Nairobi Metropolitan Development Mutula Kilonzo of Kenya

Mutula Kilonzo is a Kenyan politician.
However, what is puzzling political observers is the fact that Kilonzo is still very close to Moi and many think he is the former president's spy in ODM-Kenya yet he has been fully trusted by both Raila and Kalonzo who are said to be the driving force behind the party.
Raila is known to be a cautious guy and must be watching Kalonzo and Kilonzo very closely and only time will tell whether Mutula Kilonzo is a worthwhile mediator or the perfect spy.
When Mzee Wilson Kilonzo Musembi and Mama Rhoda Koki Kilonzo had their second baby 56 years ago and named him Mutula, little did they know that the young boy who had to repeat class one for lack of fifteen shillings in school fees, would be a successful lawyer and legal advisor to Kenya’s president.
Prior to the 2002 elections, Mutula Kilonzo was simply known as the president's lawyer and was among the wealthiest 'learned friends' in the country.
The rest is history, Mutula became one of the president's many lawyers and in the process got some of the most lucrative briefs including the then notorious NSSF (National Social Security Fund) where Kilonzo is known to have made Sh 900 million from the fund in two deals whose details are scanty.
Kilonzo is currently in his second marriage after divorcing his first wife who sired him two kids including Mutula Kilonzo junior, who has been pushed by the father to be a lawyer in spite of performing disastrously in 'O' levels where he got a weak division four prior to going to India to study.
A government negotiator Mutula Kilonzo said the parties have "reached agreement on a wide-range of issues.
Nairobi Metropolitan minister Mutula Kilonzo said that such details will be added once the document is subjected to other stakeholders and potential interested parties for fine tuning.
Nairobi Metropolitan minister Mutula Kilonzo is spearheading the clean up of Nairobi River, which will be co-ordinated with the slum-upgrading projectSeptember 12, 2008: Over two hundred industries located along the Nairobi River face closure following a recent notice issued to them to improve their effluent disposal systems.
The goal as put vividly by Nairobi Metropolitan minister Mutula Kilonzo is to make the rivers waters safe for drinking.
Kilonzo said the electoral commission is not independent.
Kilonzo said members of ODM-Kenya are intimidated by what he said are government’s actions.
Kilonzo said there would be repercussions if the electoral commission refuses to register orange as the party’s symbol.
Mr Kilonzo was among the leaders drafting the agreement.
To avoid going the Narc way, Mr Kilonzo said they had decided to form a coalition panel.
And Nairobi Metropolitan Minister Mutula Kilonzo supported Railas call against an official opposition, saying it goes contrary to the National Accord and Reconciliation Act.
Kilonzo said there cannot be a democratic country without a strong opposition.