Minister for Forestry and Wildlife Noah Wekesa of Kenya

His son Paul Wekesa is a retired prominent tennis player.
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I agree with jennipher James that Daktari is great politician.
Wekesa is popular in any party because he was elected on KANU ticket in the 80s and on a Ford-Kenya ticket in 2002 with impressive votes.
at least Wekesa has not said that.
Noah Wekesa was guided around the Mangrove forest by Arafa, one of our guides at Mida Creek  He then walked on part of the hanging walkway before he had to move on due to other commitments.
Cabinet minister Noah Wekesa is facing the wrath of his party, Ford-K, over his recent comments about its status in PNU.
Dr Wekesa is among those at the forefront in efforts to strengthen PNU.
His father Noah Wekesa is a Kenyan politician and minister.
Science and Technology Minister Noah Wekesa said that Kenya will present a strong case for the need to fund science without asking for help from international donors.
Wekesa said the revamped Kenya Forest Service needed to collaborate with local communities to ensure that forests were adequately managed.
Wekesa said the Government could not plant trees in the depleted forests hence the need to have people who live near forests.
At the same time, Wekesa said there was need to provide more funds to the Kenya Forest Service before it could become self-sustaining.
Key figures skip launch of party Mon, October 01, 2007 By LUCAS BARASA and OLIVER MATHENGE Last updated: Mon, Oct 01, 2007 23:48 PM (EAT)Science and Technology minister Noah Wekesa is among key architects of the Party of National Unity who did not attend its launch.
Yesterday, sources close to Dr Wekesa said he did not attend the launch because he and others who have been meeting since January to strategise on formation of the alliance had been sidelined.
Unhappy with exclusion Dr Wekesa is also said to be unhappy with his exclusion from a 29-member team appointed to campaign for President Kibaki.
Addressing a news conference at Jogoo House, Dr Wekesa said more than half of the money or Sh2.
Wekesa has been a consistent supporter of WSPA and its aims.
Dr Wekesa said the drive would continue in all provinces despite opposition by their rivals in Narc-Kenya.
Reacting to remarks by Narc-Kenya Chairperson and Justice minister Martha Karua on Monday that the PNU drive was bound to fail, Dr Wekesa said his party was not bothered by such statements or goings-on in other parties.
The Minister for Forestry and Wildlife Dr Noah Wekesa said the destruction of forests in the country went unchecked for a long time, a situation he said must urgently be addressed if the country is to survive in future.
On illegal encroachment in the forests, Dr Wekesa said the Government where possible would seek for an alternative settlement to ensure renewal and recovery of the involved areas.
Forestry and Wildlife Minister Noah Wekesa has warned families who have encroached on Kakamega forest to move out of the land or be evicted.
Noah Wekesa said his country was ready to assist the southern Sudanese government in the reconstruction of the vast region.
Wekesa said Kenya has a number of public and private universities that offer degrees and postgraduate teacher training, which he said would support the southern Sudanese by providing opportunities for university education.
April 9, 2006 (NAIROBI) Kenya is to send 200 primary school teachers to Sudan soon, acting Education minister Dr Noah Wekesa has announced.
We have agreed to send the teachers there," Wekesa said when he officially opened a one-day conference for head teachers from city schools in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania at the Kenya College of Communication Technology in Mbagathi yesterday.
Wekesa said Sudans request for teachers followed successful negotiations over the deployment of 50 secondary school teachers from Kenya to Rwanda.
Early last month, Kenya's acting Education Minister Noah Wekesa said the east African nation, which brokered the landmark peace deal between the southern rebels and Khartoum, would send 200 primary school teachers to Sudan soon.
Wekesa said the government had agreed to send the teachers on request from the Sudan government.
Dr Wekesa said the preservation of Mt.
Noah Wekesa is minister of education in the Kibaki government.
Wekesa said even though some PNU members of parliament still believe President Kibaki won the December 27 elections, they will still walk the spirit of the power sharing agreement.
He said even though there are still some elements of the Kenyan society who still believe the country should have presidential system, Wekesa said the time has come when Kenya should move toward the parliamentary system where the prime minister has executive authority.
Wekesa said the landmark power sharing agreement has a positive implication for Africa as a whole.
Wekesa was involved in the National Rainbow Coalition that brought Kibaki party.
Wekesa says that the policy will safeguard Kenya's citizens and environment against the development or introduction of harmful organisms.
This will provide those developing and applying the technology with a clear framework within which to operate in order to address fears on safety, Wekesa was reported to have said in The Sunday Standard.
The recruitment finally began but at the PNU headquarters, where Wekesa said that those wishing to register as members could from Tuesday get their membership cards at Sh10.