Minister for Medical Services Peter Anyang Nyongo of Kenya

Nyongo is Kenya's minister for Medical Services.
Peter Anyang Nyongo is a Political Scientist and Economist, and the current member of.
Kenya has deployed intelligence units in an effort to curb the proliferation of counterfeit drugs, which include fake malaria treatments, in the country, Medical Services Minister Peter Anyang Nyongo said on Wednesday, AFP/Google.
Nyongo said 16% of malaria drugs in Kenya are fake, countering some reports that suggested the number was as high as 38.
Nyongo said his department will collaborate with the National Security and Intelligence Services to refine "surveillance methods so as to decrease the probability of having more counterfeits in the market.
Counterfeit drugs will be eliminated over time as authorities scale up surveillance techniques, Nyongo said (Ngirachu, Daily Nation, 5/29.
He looks like a clown," Mr Nyongo said of the Speaker.
Nyongo said in an interview that the United States initially was seen as too close to Mr.
Nyongo said the United States and other outside powers have a responsibility to monitor the parties to make sure they live up to the terms of the deal.