Prime Minister Raila Amolo Odinga of Kenya

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Mr Raila Odinga is almost a replica of his late father Jaramogi Oginga Odinga.
steering the recent political violence to gain public sympathy.
legitimately, they rigged him out to maintain the status quo.
Odinga is the son of the first Vice President of Kenya, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga; his brother, Oburu Odinga, is also currently an MP.
On September 1, 2007, Raila Odinga was elected as the presidential candidate of the ODM.
Raila Odinga was born in Maseno, Kisumu District, Nyanza Province on January 7, 1945.
In January 2006, Raila Odinga was reported to have told police that he believed his life was in danger, having received assassination threats.
Odinga received 2,656 votes; the only other candidates receiving significant numbers of votes were Musalia Mudavadi with 391 and William Ruto with 368.
Odinga was sworn in as Prime Minister, along with the power-sharing Cabinet, on April 17, 2008.
Odinga is thus the second person in Kenya's history to hold the position.
Raila Odinga is of the Anglican faith and is married to Ida Odinga (born Ida Anyango Oyoo.
a b Odinga says Obama is his cousin, BBC News, 1/8/08.
national unity government, in April 2008.
According to the party, Mr Odinga has garnered 4,215,437 votes to President Kibaki’s 3,748,261.
He added: “Hon Raila Amolo Odinga is therefore the winner and the fourth President of the Republic of Kenya.
Apart from ODM meaning ORANGE DEMOCRATIC MOVEMENT, we ardent and diehard supporters believe it could also be cristened, ODINGA is a DEMOCRATIC MAN, DILLIGENT MAN, DEVELOPMENT CONSCIOUS MAN, DEVOLUTION and flexible MINDED MAN, DETERMINED MANI find it too hard to end the list.
393,824384pp SynopsisRaila Amolo Odinga was the main opposition candidate in the disputed 2007 Kenyan presidential election.
From the PublisherRaila Amolo Odinga was the main opposition candidate in the disputed 2007 Kenyan presidential election.
Hussein Obamas cousin, Raila Odinga is an Islamist Kenyan who openly supports Sharia Law for certain regions of Kenya.
And after the last election when Odinga was defeated, the UN.
We also learned that the Islamist and likely jihadist-supporter named Raila Odinga is B.
Raila Amolo Odinga was the main opposition candidate in the disputed 2007 presidential election.
Raila Odinga is a poster politician in Kenya, and, indeed, in any African country.
Raila Odinga has been steering the recent political violence to gain public sympathy.
Odinga had campaigned vigorously for the presidency, but since Kibakis handlers did not want him to win legitimately, they rigged him out to maintain the status quo.
At that time, Odinga was not seen as a tribal chief, but a nationalist.
Source: Reuters Kenya's Prime Minister Raila Odinga is received by Sarah Hussein Obama.
Following a post-electoral crisis that resulted in the deaths of 1,500 people and the displacement of 600,000 more, Odinga took office as Prime Minister, at the head of a national unity government, in April 2008.
Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga has defended the International Republican Institute (IRI) from criticism that it hid the results of an election day poll predicting his victory over President Mwai Kibaki.
After followers of Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) challenger Raila Odinga accepted a unity  government under incumbent President Mwai Kibaki with Odinga in place as Prime Minister, an economic.
President Raila Odinga is the winner of the 2007 election in Kenya.
Odinga comes from western Kenya Luo tribe, which appears to have ganged up with the Luyha tribe against the Kikuyu.
is not a God fearing leader, the Odingas is a staunch Christian family.
in the CMS (later the Anglican Church of Kenya (AC.
all the claims that Raila Odinga is not a God fearing leader.
every sense of the word an impatient man.
Raila Odinga is to deliver a lecture entitled "Democracy and the challenge of good government in Africa.
If opinion polls are to be believed Raila Amolo Odinga is poised to become Kenya's fourth president after the December 27 general election.
Months after he left detention in 1988, Odinga was arrested for his role in the Kenya Revolutionary Movement, which was agitating for political pluralism in the country.
Odinga is Kenya premier | myZongo.
Raila Odinga - Kenya's Prime Minister.
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Kenyas opposition leader Raila Odinga has officially become prime minister at the swearing-in of a coalition cabinet.
After a short piece of ceremonial music, there were Muslim, Christian and Hindu prayers before Mr Odinga came forward to take his oath of office in Swahili.
Mr Odinga has said that he knows people would have preferred a leaner cabinet, but it was a price that had to be paid to balance everyones interests.
concerned how he achieves his objective.
Odinga has ordered his men to commit murder and arson is unclear.
Odinga's father, Oginga Odinga, led the Communist opposition during the Cold War and Raila Odinga was educated in Communist East Germany.
Raila Amolo Odinga is the curse of Kenya and is a power hungry man.
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Raila Amollo Odinga comes from one of Kenya's well-known political families.
Raila Odinga has a kaleidoscopic past and an unshakeable faith in the future.
Kenyan Prime Minister, Raila Amolo Odinga has expressed appreciation to President John Agyekum Kufuor, for his leadership and personal efforts in brokering a peaceful resolution of the East African nation's post-election crisis.
Premier Odinga expressed the sentiments when he called on President Kufuor in his suite at Cape Sun Hotel in Cape Town on Thursday.
Premier Odinga said "you did not only get US to talk to each other but brought a message of hope to our country by your intervention.
Odinga is promoted as a liberator and candidate for change in Kenya.
Odinga has not only been attacked by enemies for his vision of reform, but hes also received death threats, after which he fled the country to Norway in 1991.
True to his character, while in Colorado, Odinga was calling Kenyan reporters pressing the government to announce the date for the elections and not wait until the last minute.
I want to bring about economic change in our country, Odinga said when asked how a visit to Denver would help the people of Kenya.
Odinga is probably the elections biggest proponent for change under the platform of the Orange Democratic Movement, formed after the 2005 Kenya constitutional referendum.
If elected president, Odinga said he would not only help make Kenya more united, but he affirmed that Africa can and needs to unite.
Odinga is a Kenyan, not a Luo, he told the crowd at Metro State.
For a long time the continent suffered the indignities of colonialism, slavery, and exploitation not only from Europeans who did not allow Africans to form unions, but also from African peoples in what Odinga described as Africans against Africans.