Minister for Education Sam Ongeri of Kenya

On Wednesday, Prof Ongeri is scheduled to issue a ministerial statement on the unrests.
Education Minister Prof Sam Ongeri said the government is now working at achieving 100 per cent transition in", "Kenya Broadcasting Corp.
Government calls for meeting with teachers to avert strike", "Written By:Joan Gathoni,Posted: Tue, Dec 30, 2008 Caption: Education Minister Sam Ongeri says the government is keen on settling the issue.
Sam Ongeri has called for a meeting with the officials of the Kenya National", "Kenya Broadcasting Corp.
Samson Kagengo Ongeri is a Kenyan politician.
Ongeri is impressed by the support the Minnesotan Diaspora has continued to offer their communities in Kenya.
Running on the former ruling party KANU (Kenya African National Union) ticket, Ongeri is confident that his party has the right platform for the future of Kenya since it built the infrastructure and allowed for freedom of speech.
However, Ongeri is also convinced that no single party will win a majority in the elections and leaders will have to get into coalitions.
Ongeri expressed his concern in blind promises made by politicians.
Ongeri took issues with what he called the rosy picture that the Kibaki administration has been painting regarding economic performance.
Geoffrey Mbwana: Yes, Professor Ongeri was among four leaders who were recently appointed by President Kibaki to represent his party at the negotiating table with Kofi Annan.
Professor Ongeri was appointed by President Kibaki.
Public Health Minister Sam Ongeri was under pressure from irate legislators who claimed that top civil servants advised the minister to reject the free offer of HIV/Aids drugs from the European drug manufacturer, Boehringer Ingelheim.
Ongeri said the ministry rejected the offer because the firm laid a condition that the Kenyan government should not source such drugs from elsewhere.
Sam Ongeri said he would use a World Trade Organization clause which allows countries to engage in parallel importation in emergency situations to justify his decision.
and being asked to keep on observing the international patent law, Ongeri said at the launch of AIDS vaccine trials in the Kenyan capital Nairobi.
Ongeri was speaking on the same day that a court action brought by the world's biggest drugs firms to stop South Africa importing cheaper generic AIDS drugs was postponed until next month.
Ongeri said 600 people in Kenya die every day of AIDS, adding that 2.
Announcing the results, Education minister Prof Sam Ongeri said gender parity had almost been achieved.
Prof Ongeri said he had asked the Teachers Service Remuneration Committee (TSRC) chairman, Michael Kanore, to brief him on the contentious issues by Thursday.
NAIROBI, July 23 - Education Minister Sam Ongeri was addressing Parliament Tuesday, where he outlined what 'experts' in his ministry have deduced to be the main demons that have possessed our secondary schools in the last two months.
In what he termed as his final appeal to the union on Wednesday, Education Minister Professor Sam Ongeri said he would have no alternative but to refer the matter to the Labour Minister John Munyes for further direction unless the union accepted the governments offer.
Ongeri remained adamant that the government could only afford to stagger the intended 35 percent pay rise over a three year period owing to budgetary constraints.
to 256 by the end of next year, from the current 85.
investigators had asked to be involved in the Kenyan cases, though Ongeri said his department was “perfectly capable” of handling the situation itself.
NAIROBI, Oct 18: Four members of a Kenyan family were the targets of the first confirmed anthrax attack outside the United States after they were exposed to the deadly bacteria through a letter posted in the US, Health Minister Sam Ongeri said on Thursday.
Ongeri said that two other letters, including one received this week at a big United Nations complex here, were still being examined.
Ongeri said the Kenya government had set up a “national multi-sectoral taskforce” to tackle the anthrax alert.
Ongeri was keen to stress, however, that anthrax is endemic to Kenya and should “pose no undue stress and worry.
Ongeri said the Government had arrived at the figure after lengthy consultations and could not give in to Knut’s demands.
Health minister Sam Ongeri said he would introduce a bill to legalise the parallel importation of anti-retroviral drugs.
In Parliament, Prof Ongeri described the spate of strikes as a matter of national concern and told MPs that his ministry had developed manuals on safety and peace in education.
Fear of examsDescribing the findings as preliminary, Prof Ongeri said the fear of mock exams caused most strikes in Coast, Eastern, Nairobi and Eastern provinces.
Prof Ongeri said students in schools where basic needs such as water and food were inadequately supplied also vented their anger speedily.
Prof Ongeri said a number of shops and supermarkets also stocked alcohol, which they sold to the under age.
2 million Kenyans are HIV-positive, and about 106,000 of them are children under age five, Ongeri said (Reuters, 8/14.
Basic education minister Sam Ongeri has introduced new measures to curb the escalating unrest in schools.
The Government will recruit additional teachers to improve the teacher-pupil ratio, Education minister Prof Sam Ongeri has said.
Sam Ongeri said yesterday that school fees will have to be reviewed owing to the skyrocketing of prices of basic commodities such as food and fuel which have made the cost of running learning institutions extremely costly.
Ongeri said that economies around the world were doing badly, a cross cutting effect that affected families, communities, countries and schools.
Ongeri was accompanied by his assistant, Prof.
On fostering cohesiveness in learning institutions, Ongeri said peace education had been acknowledged by Government as a medium of promoting lasting harmony through developing a culture of restraint and tolerance of diversity in the society.
Ongeri said his ministry was committed to the promotion of peace, national unity and the appreciation of appropriate values, cultural diversity as enshrined in the educational goals.
The minister said he applied to buy the land like any other individual and was issued with the relevant documentationProf Ongeri said the notion that the land was grabbed arose from his reluctance to develop it.
Prof Sam Ongeri is said to have been irregularly allocated land in Kisii reserved for a market, resulting in him being sued by the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission.
Prof Ongeri said the notion that the land was grabbed arose from his reluctance to develop it.
Prof Ongeri is among nine MPs allegedly facing charges related to corruption, theft, irregular acquisition of public land and incitement.
There should thus be no complaint that schools are running out of funds,” Prof Ongeri said noting that the free education funds will be disbursed by the end of the month.
Prof Ongeri said that the first tranche of the free secondary education should be in school accounts by the end of January, noting that the last portion last year was sent late and schools still have some funds in their accounts.
On Sunday Prof Ongeri remained silent on the matter saying his response would be prejudicial to the meeting Tuesday.
attacks on New York and Washington, Ongeri said in a press conference.
capital Nairobi, had tested positive for the anthrax bacteria.
the US city of Atlanta on 8 Sep 2001, and routed via Miami.
Ongeri said the ministry must first put in place measures for the pre-registration of the drugs.
Ongeri said in a video presentation during the press conference.
Ongeri was Minister of State Marsden Madoka, who told another questioner, in regard to the management of AIDS assistance funds, that all money allocated to fighting the scourge would be open for audit.