Minister for Agriculture William Samoei Ruto of Kenya

Eldoret North MP William Samoei Ruto is loved and hated in equal measure.
supremacy and dominion over Kenya through Uhuru Kenyatta beyond year 2012.
men Moi and Biwott fell along the roadside.
Nairobi Eldoret North MP William Samoei Ruto is loved and hated in equal measure.
Mr Ruto has walked against powerful forces such as former President Moi and former Keiyo South MP Nicholas Biwott to emerge the kingpin of the Rift Valley politics.
Even Ruto has not fitted into Nyayo's shoes.
Eldoret North MP William Ruto is a hero, said Clinton Munai in a letter to the editor the other day.
But to others, Mr Ruto is a corrupt tribal chauvinist ready to use whatever means, including violence, to get power.
Mr Ruto has denied the graft and violence allegations and challenges anybody with evidence to come forward with it.
Dr Ojiambo says Mr Ruto was a fast political learner.
But unknown to Mr Chesire, Mr Ruto had been eyeing the seat.
Ruto was Treasurer of Youth for Kanu '92 (YK92), a group that was formed to drum up campaign for President Daniel arap Moi in the 1992 election.
William Ruto is currently on trial charged with defrauding the Kenya Pipeline Company of huge amounts of money through dubious land deals, but he has been out on bond.
Ruto expressed his support for Odinga after the vote.
In the grand coalition Cabinet named on April 13, 2008 and sworn in on April 17, Ruto was appointed as Minister for Agriculture.
William Ruto was the treasurer of Youth for KANU, an organization seen as responsible for the ethnic violence in Rift Valley during the 1992 and 1997 elections.
William Ruto has been accused of fueling the violence following the Kenyan 2007 elections with hate speech.
This is not the first time William Ruto has been accused of promoting ethnic violence.
Ruto is a man whose wealth could be in the region of a hundred million plus, quite a Herculean feat for someone who started life with nothing but a burning ambition to succeed no matter what at whatever the cost.
But Ruto had something that Jirongo did not have.
Using Jirongos good rapport with President Moi, Ruto was bale to use the lobby groups meetings with the president to worm his way to the head of state and to key state house operatives of the time, such as former presidential aide Joshua Kulei.
Record plot allocations It all started with the formation of a company that went by the name Oseng properties Limited early in 1997 where Ruto was listed as director and chairman of the company, with his business right hand man Paul K Chirchir acting as the company secretary.
It is certainly with the monies he got from these land dealings that Ruto was able to set himself in the world of business, and hence the world of the privileged.
At the time Ruto had joined Mois inner core and had been elevated to a cabinet minister as he assisted Moi to promote project Uhuru where the former unsuccessfully tried t have Uhuru Kenyatta succeed him.
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Ruto is a Kipsigis but his father had sold off their family land and migrated to Eldoret, a Nandi-occupied area in Uasin Gishu.
However, Ruto has since bought back 3 acres of his former family farm in Kericho but he has not yet put up a home there.
Ruto has convinced the Kalenjins that he is the re-incarnation of the Nandi anti British liberation war hero Koitalel Arap Samoei.
True democracy is not just about holding elections every five years.
Read at The Standard Archived: 2006-06-03Kenya: Pomp, colour as Ruto is installed as Kalenjin elder Yesterday was an extraordinary day for Eldoret North MP William Ruto.
Ruto has been opposed to the implementation of the Waki Report.
Speaking at the Aga Khan Hall where Ruto was present, Balala said : "We cannot start a vehicle for a destination and abandon it midway just because we have quarreled over something which can be resolved.
Ruto supported Coast leaders in their clamour for a new constitution, which would devolve power to the grassroots level.
Hon Ruto is a young politian who speaks his minds and his political star is very bright as a young person i believe Ruto is politician worth to emmulate.
Yr piece of work look like Ruto is yr Target, i expect more credible work than this from KNDC.
Akinyi on 18-Feb-08 2:50 AM permalink Ruto is a devil and should be hanged like Sadaam, how can he kill innocent Kenyan, God will never forgive him and i believe one day he will pay for all this evil deeds, Ruto is a satan in human form.
Ruto was responsible for the creation of terror gangs of the Rift Valley that killed hundreds of people, burned homes and other property, and displaced more than half a million people.
Interestingly it is widely believed that current agriculture minister William Samoei Ruto is a direct descendant of the great Nandi military strategist and leader, hence the great respect the community has for young Ruto.
Mr Ruto is the research we have been doing in the ministries all those years retrogressive,even retrogressive researches give positive results.
When they were running up en down killing one another Ruto was comfortable wherever he was!Ruto is only a scapegoat! If the bible says that you should not kill, why kill.
i don't think ruto has anything to do with the violence! this is something that has been going on silently and only took advantage of the campain period so as to hold the campain candidates to blaim.
And let me remind him kalenjin community alone will not take him anywhere it si less than 1/4 of kenyan population! kenyans are issue orriented not what ruto has restorted to as ashield.
RAILA to be carry on and stand firm for national issues and public interest! also to be careful not to be RUTO'S captive! Lastily, for those who think ruto is their hero hey are lost,if u can remember mzee Moi said siasa mbaya maisha mbaya! its either local tribunal or the haque.
Interestingly it is widely believed that current agriculture minister William Samoei Ruto is a direct descendant of the great Nandi Orkoiyot and leader koitalel Samoei, hence the great respect the community has for the young Ruto.
The young Ruto has so far won the blessings of the kalenjin elders.
Born William Kipchirchir Samoei arap Ruto in December 21, 1966, Ruto is by far the most promising political leader in Kenya today.
On leaving college and having ‘tasted’ proximity to power, there was no turning back even as Ruto was hired as a temporary teacher at first at Sirgoi secondary school and later at Kamagut secondary, both in the North Rift.
Ruto was subsequently appointed Assistant Minister for Provincial Administration and Internal Security and made history in being the only assistant minister allowed to attend cabinet meetings.
Samoei Ruto is a man of the moment.
Raila is playing a Game here, Kones and Laboso who were the only Ministers from the region died over a month ago, and Raila and Ruto has taken it as a weapon against US in South Rift.
Given numerous accusations against him, alleging links to and inspiration of the violence in the Rift Valley, the question must be asked: Is Kenya entrusting its peace negotiations to a war-monger? If indeed William Ruto is a war monger, how can we expect him to negotiate in good faith in the larger interest of the country? As this description in Time magazine states, Ruto holds the key to this crisis.
William Samoei Ruto is the youthful and articulate member of parliament for Eldoret North.
Like Koitalel, Ruto is seen as defending Kalenjin rights; these are imagined in pre-contact terms when the Nandi numbered 30,000 and raided their neighbors with impunity.
This myth is instrumental in understanding how Ruto was able to emerge as the foremost Kalenjin leader before he was even 40 years, dethroning former President Daniel who is seen as hailing from the Tugen, a smaller Kalenjin sub-tribe, and supplanting the likes of Nicholas Biwott, who hails from the less gallant Elgeyo sub-tribe of the Kalenjin.
Despite his shinning political star, Ruto has been accused of instigating clashes that have led to the displacement of thousands of people in the Rift Valley in organized violence.
According to KNHRC’s report on the Constitutional Referendum published in September 2006, Ruto was once again named for incitement in the run up to the constitutional referendum of November 2005.
Available reports show that Ruto has been mentioned in the same breadth with violence for a long time.
According to UKs Daily Telegraph , during the 2002 campaign Ruto was one of two government ministers warned by the Electoral Commission for serious polling offences.
Unfortunately, William Ruto was amongst the very last national leaders to call for peace.
Ruto - is the New Rift Valley Kingpin a Hero Or a Villain?: Eldoret North MP William Samoei Ruto is loved and hated in equal measure.
William Ruto was recently appointed by ODM as one of its three negotiators in the Kofi Annan-led mediation efforts that aim to reconcile Kenyans after a spate of post-election violence.
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William Ruto denies hitting Reuben Chesire but admits having a heated argument on Thursday.
One thing that has aroused our curiosity is the posture that William Ruto has taken in the whole reconciliation process.
Let the truth be known that William Ruto is the man sponsoring the genocide operations going in Rift Valley through the Karamajong Guerilla Fighters, a militia with operations similar to the old known militia "the Shiftas" that fought Moi in the 1980s.
Recently Ruto was reported to be out of Nairobi, and could not attend the meeting between Raila and Kalonzo.
We have established that Ruto was in Eldoret meeting with the Karamojong Guerilla Fighters.
Ruto knew that the only way ODM could have access to adequate firepower (KEG) was to engage the Karamojong Guerilla Fighter who are obviously known to possess insurmountable quantities of AK-47, Automatic Rifles and other sophisticated small arms.
Ruto is responsible for the killings in the Rift Valley are safe and secure in your foreign hideouts.
The article on Karamoja and Ruto is self contradicting.
Even him knows that if he steps down, Violence will end, so why not? Ruto is our hero.
The whole issue of Karamoja and Ruto is rubbish.
Ruto is an educated, well-spoken gentleman.
We all know that rift valley is number one in the current madness thats going on and ruto is the sponsor.
Ruto has been in the fore front killing kikuyus in the Rift valley since the days of baba moi.