First Vice Chairman, NDC Myong Rok Jo of Korea, North

Jo has been involved in the North's rapprochement with South Korea.
While in Washington, Jo is slated to meet with US.
As a representative of the Pyongyang government, Jo is expected to express the country's official desire to be removed from the US.
While in the Bay Area, Jo is expected to visit telecommunications equipment maker Lucent Technology Inc.
As a former air force commander and the leader of military delegations to many countries through the 1990s, Jo is well placed to talk about Washington's proliferation fears.
In the newsletter, the civic group said Jo had one kidney removed 10 years ago and that the other is too damaged for Jo to survive.
Jo was such a close confidant of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il that Kim chose Jo as his special envoy to Washington for high-level diplomatic talks.
Jo is one of highest-ranking North Korean officials.
Jo is considered the second-most powerful North Korean only after Kim Jong Il, the nations leader.
Jo was also expected to be asked about a proposal from President Kim for the North to abandon ballistic missile programs in exchange for aid in launching North Korean space satellites.
Jo is considered the second-most powerful North Korean after Kim Jong Il, the countrys leader.
Jo had explained North Korean concerns in a forceful and warm presentation.
Jo was expected to be asked about a Pyongyang proposal to abandon its ballistic missile programs in exchange for aid in launching North Korean communications satellites.
Jo came as a special envoy of Chairman Kim Jong Il, the ruler of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK.
Jo has held those positions since 1998, when the North amended its constitution and made Kim Jong-il's post as the chairman of the National Defence Commission the seat of power.
Jo was among a tight group of aides who form the North's "highest command authority" centered around Kim, former South Korean Unification Minister Lee Jong-seok has said.
On arrival in Washington on Monday night, Jo said his visit was designed to remove "deeply rooted and age-old distrust and make an epochal change in advancing the relations between our two countries onto a new stage.
Jo took the somewhat unusual step of showing up for his White House meeting in full dress military uniform after wearing a business suit to an earlier meeting with Albright.
Jo was animated and smiling, asking questions as tour guide Peg Pokusa told him history of the house.
In a toast Tuesday night at a State Department dinner, Jo said he foresees a bright future for US.
experts on Korea said Wednesday they believe Jo was indicating that his government is ready for improved ties with the United States, but not at the cost of losing control of the communist regime that has ruled for five decades.
diplomats can't even get visas to the United States.
officials during his four-day stay.
considered Kim Jong-il's political right hand man.
rounds of talks before driving to the White House.
Marshall Jo is the most senior North Korean official ever to visit the United States, where he has signed an agreement on security co-operation.
Earlier on Wednesday, Marshall Jo met Defence Secretary William Cohen in what officials said was the first visit by a North Korean military officer to the Pentagon.
Yonhap said Jo had undergone a kidney transplant in China in 2001 and had received treatment at the same Beijing hospital in March and November last year.
Jo was last seen in public on September 17 when he accompanied Kim Jong-Il to attend a performance by a Russian army academic song and dance ensemble in Pyongyang.