Minister of People's Security Sang Song Ju of Korea, North

Ju was promoted to the People's Army's full-star general in February 1997.
Jeong-seo takes care of a shop at Namdaemun Market, while Song-ju is responsible for a new store at a shopping mall.
Song-ju is running all around Save Zone when they just miss running into each other.
Song-ju is the only son of a wealthy family.
But she is torn as she is still emotionally attached to Tae-hwa, and is touched by the care and love that he has showered her all that time when Song-ju was not there.
Song-ju is also torn as he is to be engaged to Yuri, and his familys reputation is at stake if he does not follow as planned.
Song-ju is tipped off by Tae-hwa, and both men beg Jung-suh to seek treatment and fight to live despite the devastating odds.
The scene when Jung Suh finally regained her memory and recognized Song Ju.
This is the song that plays during melancholic scenes, especially when Song Ju is frustrated that Jung Suh cannot remember him.
Dixon had me sing my song (Swinging on a Star) 3 times, I was shy and JU is no place for one who in shy, all the other cast members cheered me on and it was a beautiful and life changing for me.