Chairman, SPA Thae Bok Choe of Korea, North

Choe was speaking during a special session of the parliament in which the 2006 budget was unveiled.
It is urgent to build a nationwide information network and develop programming technology rapidly and thus turn our country into a power in software development," Choe said in a speech published by the official Korean Central News Agency.
Although Comrade Choe was unable to be present for reasons of pressure of work, Comrade Mun Byong Sik (from the Protocol department of the WPK), Comrade Ri Hyok Chul (head of the African and Latin-American section of the International Department of the WPK) and Comrade Ri Ung Gil (from the International Department of the WPK in charge of Britain, among other countries) were kind enough to attend.
Comrade Choe said that the US government puts out false propaganda against the DPRK and the six-party talks.
the two countries to further develop their friendship.
Choe met with Iran's Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki on Wednesday, KCNA said.
According to AP, Choe said earlier this week that his country wouldn't need even a single nuclear bomb if the US ceases its nuclear threat and sanctions against North Korea.
Assad and Choe discussed their countries’ “cooperative relationship and friendship” and how to develop their ties with a view to achieving their “common interests”, Syria’s official news agency SANA said.
If the enemies ignite a war eventually, the Korean army and people will mercilessly wipe out the aggressors and give vent to the deep-rooted grudge of the nation,” Choe was quoted as telling the meeting.
In their meeting, Al-Ahmar and Choe discussed how "the policies of aggression, occupation and hegemony" were causing threats to security and stability in the region and world, SANA said.