Minister of Electric Power Industry Thaek Ho of Korea, North

North Korea’s point man on South Korea, who was earlier said to have been sacked for misjudgment, is said to be undergoing what sources called “severe” communist training at a chicken farm, sources here said yesterday.
Ho was formerly a power plant chief, while little was known about Kim Tae-bong, Seoul officials said.
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The Daily NK, however, claims to have interviewed an official from Pyongyang who discussed recent developments in the Kaesong Industrial Zone.
This is, however, nothing but the way of thinking of a bat-blind person who has neither political sense nor judgment.
He met the scientists who had contributed to developing the computer technology by displaying patriotic devotion, highly appreciated their performance and posed for a camera with them.
February 11, 2002: General Secretary Kim Jong Il met with Konstantin Borisovich Pulikovski, plenipotentiary representative of the President of the Russian Federation to the Far East Federal District, who is on a visit to the DPRK.
February 27, 2002: Leader Kim Jong Il today received Ho Jong Man, chief vice-chairman of the central standing committee of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan, who is staying in the homeland.
The Chinese participants in the meeting included Wang Jiarui, head of the party's International Department, who has repeatedly visited North Korea and met with leader Kim Jong Il.
The North Korean party department is believed to be headed by Jang Song Thaek, Kim's brother-in-law, who is viewed by some as a potential candidate for the country's leading posts.
THE hardline head of internal security who is running North Korea while Kim Jong-il recovers from a suspected stroke is taking the opportunity to crush any dissent.
Most of them were workers who had roamed Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, after running out of logging camp in Siberia.
He is arguably the highest ranking defector in the world today who has escaped a totalitarian regime.
The households of party members and servicemen are rationed with rice, says Korean-Chinese Ri Sun Hi (alias, 29), who has recently been to Sinuiju.
In addition, according to a North Korean who fled from the North to the South this year.
A monthly rationing of foods lasting a week is continuously accorded to those who have rendered meritorious services to the state, who are entitled to preferential treatment, and aged veterans who had participated in the 1950-53 Korean War.
Namyang laborers' district in Onsong County, North Hamgyong province, has been without food rations for several months, according to Korean-Chinese Im Chang Hui, (alias, 54), who has been there recently.
Now she and her husband, who fled North Korea three years ago, are trying to raise enough money, several hundred dollars, to buy their sons out of jail.
Editor's Note: A former North Korean People's Army instructor Cho Young Chol, 33, who fled the North in August 1998 and came to the South in December the following year, has recently given an eyewitness account of the gruesome reality of a North Korean prison operated by the State Security Agency, and a secondhand account of a group execution of people charged with aiding fellow citizens to escape to the South.
Among the North Koreans they helped escape to the South were the family of Chang In Suk, 60, who took part in the designing of the Juche (self-reliance) Tower in Pyongyang.
Recalling the heinous torture and slaughter perpetrated in the State Security Agency prison and interrogation room, I am infuriated and when I think of my elder brother and his friends who met a horrible death in front of a crowd, I cannot fall asleep even these days.
What we've seen and heard is that there is a new policy that is putting large numbers of people in jeopardy and making it almost impossible to carry out even the silent kind of support local networks have been giving," an MSF volunteer who has just visited the border said.
The report showed that China has been in full gear in forcibly repatriating those who had fled from North Korea since the Kil-su family" of seven, who sought asylum at the Beijing office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) last June, successfully escaped to Seoul.
loved: Shin Soo-bin, who found her body.
at a village school in the secluded land of Helong.
Guandi, left US towards Yilan County to join some units in north Manchuria.
backbone, by recruiting excellent young people from east Manchuria and the homeland.
Division, who was eating baked potatoes.
owner, the police station and hospital, begging, protesting and accusing.
the boy who had been bitten by the dog was to blame for the accident.
Obama, who is popular in Germany, is scheduled to take office on January 20.