Chief Secretary Yong Ho Kim of Korea, North

Kim has just finished her performance schedule and I¡¯m quite overwhelmed with the exhibition too.
Kim is responsible for running North Koreas economy, and is believed to want to apply lessons from Vietnams economic reforms to North Koreas failing command economy.
Kim said he hoped the two countries could take their historical friendship to a new level.
At the moment, I think the reformers are probably feeling quite strong, and this is partly why Kim is undertaking these trips.
French says Kim is also trying to curry favor with Southeast Asian countries in order to gain help from international lending institutions.
Kim was also scheduled to travel to Ho Chi Minh City to visit an export-processing zone.
With boundless energy and dedication Grand Master Kim has travelled around the world for more than four decades, teaching, running workshops, counselling and is still doing so, with unfailing determination and charisma true to the spirit of a Hankuk Hwarang.
Kim is currently studying music at Sheffield University which is lucky enough to have a Taekwondo club there so she doesn’t miss out on training.