Chairman, Civil Rights Commission Gun Yang of Korea, South

Mixed reactions to the Yahoo shake upWhat are your thoughts about Semel’s departure and Yang’s re-emergence at Yahoo?RE: Co-founder Jerry Yang takes over the reigns as Yahoo CEOReins is what I think.
Yang as iCEOTo start with, we should bear in mind that Yang takes over as interim CEO (thus the.
After several years of lagging behind Google, Yahoo's embattled Terry Semel has finally coordinated a graceful exit as the company's CEO and turned over the chief executive job to co-founder Jerry Yang.
who took a trip to La Crosse from St.
USC student Zaoxing "Crossing" Yang has been charged with assault.
Yang is being held without bail at the Twin Towers Jail downtown.
Yang began arguing with the host, who then noticed that Yang had a gun in his hand.
Tony said he never suspected Yang had or used drugs other than marijuana.
Yang had been to previous parties at the house but was not friends with anyone who resided there, Loesch said.
He said he did not know for sure what prompted Yang to point the gun but heard Yang was "being pretty sketchy with some girls" when Loesch's roommate stopped him.
Loesch said everyone was about to "stomp" Yang, but he "ran interference" and protected him from the crowd before he realized Yang had a gun.
Yang is currently being held at the Inmate Reception Center.
Wa Vue Yang was sitting in the driver' s seat of his parked vehicle waiting for his wife to come out of the market.