Minister of Labor Young-hui Lee of Korea, South

In response, according to the book, Lee said he would immediately ask his staff to complete the legislation, because the KMT needed DPP help to amend the Constitution at the National Assembly.
Former president Lee is very similar to the comic's hero, since they both believe in the importance of responsibility to the country and society and stress courage and perseverance," Hsieh said, adding that Lee was known as a proficient kendo practitioner when he was a high-school student.
Yet the sequence of events that culminated in the February 28 ceremonies typifies the way Lee has operated since assuming the presidency--working behind the scenes when necessary, at times stepping boldly into the limelight, but always staying focused on what he intends to accomplish and moving forward even when forced to act with restraint.
Lee is the first native-born Taiwanese to rule his island nation, and at the time of the massacre he had been a 24-year-old student at National Taiwan University.
Lee was born in 1923 in Puping village, near the small farming town of Sanchih in northern Taiwan, the son and grandson of successful tea farmers.
After returning to his teaching post at National Taiwan University, though, Lee found himself longing to apply his agricultural expertise beyond his role as educator.
His shyness no doubt stemmed from his limited command of English, but Lee nevertheless impressed his teachers and fellow students as a serious, deeply religious man (Lee is a devout Presbyterian), with a clear vision of what he hoped to accomplish at Cornell.
Within three years, Lee had turned the data into his doctoral thesis: "Intersectoral Capital Flows in the Economic Development of Taiwan, 1895-1960.
But just days before Lee was due to arrive to take the job, Mellor received a cable.
Lee had been appointed minister of state (without portfolio) in the Executive Yuan, the cabinet, in 1972.
Thus, when Chiang Ching-kuo became premier in 1972, he extended the diplomatic invitation to Lee, and Lee found himself on a fast and rising political track.
Both courses carry grave perils, but Lee has navigated through these treacherous political waters with his typical combination of boldness and pragmatism.
Clough, a professor at Johns Hopkins's School of Advanced International Studies and author of Reaching Across the Taiwan Strait: both in international diplomacy and in domestic politics, Lee has "handled himself exceptionally well.
Lee had hoped that some thaw in US.
In April 1994, Lee met with outgoing president Frank H.
Although he is now 72, Lee is expected to run for reelection and, although he faces strong challenges both from within the KMT and from the DPP, he would be the clear favorite should he decide to enter the race.
Indeed, Lee has proven to be the ideal person to lead Taiwan through this critical period, perhaps because, in so many ways, he seems to embody so much of his country's recent history.
Despite the constant demands of his official duties, Lee remains at heart a family man, spending as much time as he can with his wife and two grown daughters, An-na and An-ni.
Eun-seong Lee is the young girl, (Hui-dos girlfriend.
Before passing away 30 years ago, Lee had produced a significant library of directorial works, some of which are considered classics of Korean cinema, such as the lost Late Autumn (1966) and the film I decided to revisit here as preparation for my attendance at Pusan, The Marines Who Never Returned.
Lee Young-il believes Lee was projecting himself onto his main characters.