Secretary, National Security Council Ismail Isakov of Kyrgyzstan

Isakov said that the facility in Teke was not abandoned at all and that the republican Defense Ministry was using it as a training center.
Isakov is convinced that the Uzbek leadership is but trying to pin the blame for the events in Andizhan on someone else (on Kyrgyzstan in this particular case) and therefore shed responsibility.
In a joint news conference, acting Kyrgyz Defense Minister Ismail Isakov said the the US.
Isakov said Kyrgyzstan will learn from China's experience in hosting the meeting.
200513:14 (GMT)Defense Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic general - lieutenant Ismail Isakov received the Ambassador of Ukraine in Kyrgyzstan Vladimir Tyaglo, KABAR reported.
Isakov is among the few Kyrgyz military officials to gain an officer rank during the Soviet regime and earn a reputation of a righteous military man.
Although for some period Isakov was part of Ak Zhol, he still served as the Secretary-GeneralĀ  of the Zhany Kyrgyzstan opposition party.
In June this year, Isakov was appointed to head the National Security Council, however most of his deputies were not offered alternative positions.
Although not mentioned directly in the letter, Isakov was likely pressured by other officials from military institutions who were more loyal to Bakiyev.
Isakov was praised as a war hero in southern Kyrgyzstan for his bravery during the Batken clashes.
Along with other former Bakiyev supporters, Isakov is likely to join the active opposition and begin challenging the regime.
Acting Kyrgyz Defense Minister Ismail Isakov said on 6 September that claims by Uzbekistans Prosecutor-Generals Office that the Andijon unrest was planned by Islamic militants at a terrorist base in southern Kyrgyzstan are groundless.
Isakov said the military training base in Teke, which belongs to the Defense Ministry, is still functioning and no strangers are allowed there.
In an exclusive interview with RFE/RL's Kyrgyz Service, Isakov said there is currently no need for such a transformation and there is no room in the budget for a professional army.
Isakov said the need for such highly trained professional soldiers was apparent in a clash with Taliban-linked militants at Batken seven years ago.
In a matter of hours, Isakov had called an impromptu press conference to show journalists what had been found.
In comments made to RFE/RL's Kyrgyz Service, Isakov said the ongoing exercise is taking place outside the framework of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, a regional defense grouping of which both Russia and Kyrgyzstan are members.
Isakov said in the meeting that he hoped the bilateral relations would further develop in the new period.