President Kurmanbek Bakiev of Kyrgyzstan

Kurmanbek Bakiev has been sworn in as the president of Kyrgyzstan after winning the elections one month ago with an 89% majority.
Following the exile of the previous president, Askar Akayev, Bakiev was appointed acting president until elections were held.
Bakiev took his oath of office after a military parade, in front of diginitaries in Bishkek's central square.
19%) returned results Bakiev has secured a landslide.
Drawn a parallel between the yesterday's address of the President and the same of Askar Akaev before events on 24 March, 2005, Nur Omarov assumed, that "Bakiev has finally lost hope for political leadership in the country, he was claiming for until recently.
President Kurmanbek Bakiev has addressed the government and lawmakers of newly elected Kyrgyz Parliament on Thursday, January 10.
Bakiev said the SCO grew out of the "Shanghai Five" mechanism.
While speaking about the first summit meeting of the heads of government of the SCO member States to be held this summer in Alma-Ata, Bakiev said the establishment of the SCO had opened a new chapter on the summit meeting of heads of government of the member States.
While talking about the relations between China and Kyrgyzstan, Bakiev said over the past decade, our two countries had gone through a very fruitful road, the most important thing was that we had established ties of mutual trust, particularly when the southern part of our country was encroached upon by international terrorists, China gave US great support.
Bakiev has got every chance to win the election on July 10th.
Kyrgyzstan’s President Kurmanbek Bakiev has warned Washington that Bishkek may terminate the agreement on the stationing of an American airbase on Kyrgyz soil.
Bakiev has made this move a few days before his first official visit to Moscow.
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Bakiev for 5 years for four million soms (about $100,000.
the two countries would be better than before.
would not name them so far waiting they would stop it themselves.
revolution was unavoidable in a country with such a level of corruption.
As first results were announced for Kyrgyzstan’s landmark presidential election, it was clear that the favourite Kurmanbek Bakiev had won a resounding victory.
The President of Kyrgyzstan Kurmanbek Bakiev received over 5000 letters from citizens in 2008, the president's administration press service reported.
Kyrgyz President Kurmanbek Bakiev is traveling to Moscow later this month, and his office said a previously promised $2 billion Russian credit to Kyrgyzstan.
In 2008 the President of Kyrgyzstan Kurmanbek Bakiev has twice demonstrated the way of effective government control while being quite remote from his office.
The Economist Intelligence Unit forecasts (EIU) forecasts that the Kyrgyz President Kurmanbek Bakiev is likely to remain secure in office until the next.
Formation of the Kyrgyz government will begin after Bakiev is sworn in as president (19.
Kurmanbek Bakiev said that additional Russian military base in the Kyrgyzstan (26.
Kurmanbek Bakiev is going to visit Tajikistan (17.
Kurmanbek Bakiev said that foreign forces did not set up the Kyrgyz revolution (09.
Kurmanbek Bakiev has been nominated as presidential candidate (27.
Bakiev said during a press conference: A new draft agreement, which will demand more fees from the USA is being prepared now.
That is supported in particular by the fact that the statement was made before two events, which are very important for the Bishkek's foreign policy: in May Bakiev is scheduled to visit Washington, and in June he is expected in Beijing, where the next SCO summit will take place.
More specifically, Bakiev said after returning to Bishkek that Nazarbaev had assured him that Astanas recently announced ban on wheat exports would not apply to Kyrgyzstan, which imports about 20 percent of its wheat from Kazakhstan.
Deal ReachedFollowing the meeting, Bakiev said a deal had been reached.
Bakiev met today with the heads of parliamentary committees and political factions to discuss efforts to fill Kulov's post.
There is a pronounced regionalism that divides Kyrgyzstan's north from its south, and President Bakiev is a southerner.
The speaker of the parliament, Marat Sultanov, told reporters that Bakiev was due to meet a group of parliamentarians late in the afternoon.
President Kurmanbek Bakiev has now appointed all 14 ministers and two deputy ministers of Kyrgyzstan's new government, RFE/RL's Kyrgyz Service reports.
Kyrgyzstan's President Kurmanbek Bakiev has invited outgoing Prime Minister Feliks Kulov to form a new cabinet, RFE/RL's Kyrgyz Service reported.
After two years of argument about the constitution, President Bakiev is pushing through a quick solution – although not everyone is happy with his vision of how Kyrgyzstan should be governed.
Outlining the new version, Bakiev said its main thrust was to increase the role political parties play in Kyrgyz political life.
In his speech, Bakiev said legislators had actively blocked attempts to unseat them.
Yesterday president of КR Kurmanbek Bakiev has dismissed parliament.
Calling the opposition’s demand for premature presidential election “inappropriate”, Bakiev said he is ready to confirm the legitimacy of his powers by means of referendum.
Kurmanbek Bakiev was inaugurated as new Kyrgyz president in Bishkek’s central square yesterday.
Kurmanbek Bakiev took the oath of office and then accepted a standard and a badge of the head of the state.
Speaking on international affairs, Kurmanbek Bakiev was particularly cautious this time and did not put forward any priorities in external policy.
The position of Kurmanbek Bakiev is accentuated by the fact that he is not a sole political leader in Kyrgyzstan.
Kurmanbek Bakiev met his future wife at Kuibyshev polytechnical institute of Russia, where he graduated.
One of his sons Marat Bakiev is a deputy chief of department in Kyrgyz Republic National Security Service today.
In 1990 Kurmanbek Bakiev was elected to the post of 1st secretary of Kok-Jangak municipal committee.
After two years Kurmanbek Bakiev was appointed first to the position of deputy chairman of State Property Fund and then to the position of Governor of Jalal-Abad Region.
In autumn 2004, Kurmanbek Bakiev was elected as a Chairman of Central Council of political forces “Kyrgyzstan People’s Movement” which included 9 political parties.
Since this revolution Kurmanbek Bakiev has been acting President and Prime-minister of Kyrgyz Republic.
Uzbekistan will restore reserves to provide a trouble-free gas supply to Kyrgyzstan during the first quarter of 2009 and raise rates by 150mln cubic meters as compared to the same period of 2008,” the President of Kyrgyzstan Kurmanbek Bakiev said after the meeting of Central Asian states’ leaders in Bishkek on Friday, October 10.
In his afterward interview with the press Kurmanbek Bakiev said on behalf of the all meeting participants that “certain measures have been taken.
PRAGUE, 3 February 2006 -- President Bakiev had strong words for lawmakers today, saying their bickering is hindering efforts to improve the situation in the country.
But some observers believe Bakiev is trying to meet opposition demands in an effort to eliminate the need for the protests.
Bakiev had previously vetoed MTRK's privatization -- but growing discontent seems to have forced this concession, as it seems to have done on other issues.
Two years later many people in Kyrgyzstan feel Bakiev has been slow in fulfilling these promises and, in some cases, has been reluctant to even try to implement some reforms.
As he has ahead of previous opposition rallies, Bakiev has been meeting with opposition leaders to discuss their demands and ensure that protests remain peaceful and, during his speech on the March 24 anniversary, Bakiev said he is ready to continue meeting with these leaders.
And, Bakiev said he understands the frustration some in Kyrgyzstan feel at the delay in reforms.
United Front leader Tekebaev said March 26 that Bakiev has his chance and should leave office.
Bakiev said that the decision to overturn the two sets of amendments "means only one thing: the constitutional reform has reached a deadlock.
Kyrgyz President Kurmanbek Bakiev has returned homeafter a two-day visit to Kazakhstan, where he held talks with President Nursultan Nazarbaev.
Ties between the Central Asian neighbors have been strained since Bakiev came to power following political upheaval in 2005, and they face further challenges in the wake of a recent Kazakh ban on wheat exports.
Following the meeting, Bakiev said a deal had been reached.
Bakiev said the money would be used for "direct private investment in Kyrgyzstan's economy.
Kyrgyzstan: Kurmanbek Bakiev addressed the government and ParliamentPresident Kurmanbek Bakiev has addressed the government and lawmakers of newly elected Kyrgyz Parliament on Thursday, January 10.
It is the highest rise in payment in living memory," Bakiev said proudly.