Minister of Finance Atis Slakteris of Latvia

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English (en)Deutsch (de)franais (fr)E-mailPrintFocusBoard of GovernorsAtis Slakteris, new Governor for LatviaDate:22/01/2008Mr Atis Slakteris has been appointed Minister of Finance of the Republic of Latvia, succeeding Mr Oskars Spurdzi, and thus also becomes EIB Governor for the Republic of Latvia.
Defense minister visits USMinister of Defense Atis Slakteris was on a working visit to the US from June 28 – July 8, 2007.
Slakteris met at the Pentagon with US Secretary of Defense Robert M.
Defense Minister's working visit to Washington, DCOn July 31, 2006 Minister of Defense Atis Slakteris met with US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.
The previous week Minister Slakteris met with Dr.
Latvian Finance Minister Atis Slakteris said average inflation is expected to reach 14.
NATO warplanes will start to patrol Baltic airspace on March 29, Latvian Defence Minister Atis Slakteris said on Thursday, confirming plans by the alliance that have edged up tensions with neighbouring Russia.
Slakteris said the patrols would be carried out by Belgian Air Force planes.
Slakteris said the Belgian air force planes would be stationed at Siauliai, in the north of neighbouring Lithuania, and that Norwegian personnel, who would be serving the Belgian aircraft, would arrive at the base on March 26.
Finance Minister Atis Slakteris said the 51 percent stake would cost a symbolic one lat ($1.
The bank has syndicated credits to be paid this year and next and Slakteris said he hoped the presence of the state as a shareholder would allow them to be refinanced, something Parex was having problems doing on its own.
Slakteris is recognizing Rumsfeld's efforts in advancing Latvia's accession to NATO.
Slakteris said that one of the most important conditions of the agreement is that Krasovickis and Kargins are personally responsible for each figure included in Parex banka reports.
Slakteris said that the Financial and Capital Market Commission and the Bank of Latvia will carry out a thorough audit at Parex banka.
Slakteris said that Feiferis is a likely candidate.
Slakteris said that the European Commission will most likely be informed about the takeover deal on Tuesday already.
RIGA/TALLINN - The three Baltic states are planning collective purchases of armored personnel carriers, helicopters and radar systems in the future, Latvian Defense Minister Atis Slakteris said July 24.
Slakteris described the overall defense cooperation among Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia as good, though so far the Baltic states have only purchased ammunition collectively, Slakteris admitted.
However, even as Slakteris was talking up the benefits of pooled defense spending, things were looking more problematic north of the border in Estonia.
Slakteris has been authorised to speak directly to lenders of syndicated loans and attempt to win favourable repayment terms.
Latvia cannot afford to breach the budget deficit it has targeted for next year, Slakteris said on Friday rebuffing union protests that the spending restrictions were too tough.
The world banking crisis and the management's inability to handle the situation forced the government's decision, Finance Minister Atis Slakteris said Saturday, further explaining the decision.
RIGA, December 4, 2008 (AFP) - The IMF has suggested that Latvia drop the peg linking its national currency with the euro to help solve the country's deepening economic woes, Finance Minister Atis Slakteris said Thursday, adding that his government disagrees.
Slakteris said Riga's priority was to cut state spending to try to fend off the worst.