Minister of Justice Gaidis Berzins of Latvia

Minister Berzins met with Janis Kazocins, the current Constitution Protection Bureau chief, and received affirmation of his readiness to stand as a candidate for this post of national importance, according to ministers press secretary Valdis Freidenfelds.
With Kalvitis on an official visit to the US, Berzins finds the deal has fallen into his lap just as it reaches a critical point.
Earlier this month, Latvian justice minister Gaidis Berzins said on national radio that some crimes "require renewed debate on the suitability of not having capital punishment.
Integration and Minority Information Service 17 May 2007 Minister of Justice Gaidis Berzins on naturalisation issues At yesterday’s meeting of the Citizenship Law Implementation Committee of the Saeima, the Minister of Justice Gaidis Berzins has stated that the Naturalisation Board (NB) has had to dismiss 24 staff members and to postpone examinations several times due to the decreased number of applicants for naturalisation.
Gaidis Berzins has also mentioned possible amendments to the Cabinet of Minister’s rules which would stipulate that non-citizens must demonstrate their state language proficiency certificate if they wish to register their children as Latvian citizens.
topic because of the country’s international obligations.