Minister for Special Assignments for Society Integration Affairs Oskars Kastens of Latvia

Prior post: Pride and hatred: Hutcherson's odd connection with Latvia's homophobes These are the domestic and regional political issues in Latvia into which US citizen Ken Hutcherson placed himself while making his still discredited claims that he had the power to speak for the White House:News item from Baltic Times, March 21: Special Assignments Minister for Societal Integration Oskars Kastens said that Riga Pride, a gay and lesbian parade scheduled for May 30 - June 3, will only increase misconceptions about homosexuals among the country?s population.
Kastens said he would personally supervise corrections of the "technical mistakes" in the document after it has been passed by parliament.
available in Latvian on the Diena website.
Brands-Kehre also said that Kastens was “interfering and limiting the freedom of assembly.
If that was a process which took place in secret until recent times, then now Minister Kastens has been expressing his open and scornful attitude both in words and in deeds.
Oskars Kastens has stated that the IUMSILS’s work was successful and that one of its main outcomes is a change in attitude of ethnic minorities towards Latvian state.
Kastens has pledged to visit Liverpool - if it is 'not connected with an attempt to reckon with me physically.
Kastens said that one of the main reasons for the labor force exodus is low wages at home, and the issue can be tackled by raising pay and living standards, particularly in the regions.
Speaking about the possibility of reorganizing the tax system to provide extra incentives for business, Kastens said that his ministry currently has no proposals to reduce taxes.