Minister of Defense Vinets Veldre of Latvia

We already now owe to our future, therefore patriotism movement and people's sense of belonging to their country should be strengthened,' Veldre said in an interview with Latvian daily.
Earlier in the day President Zatlers, along with Minister of Defense Vinets Veldre met with Defense Secretary Robert Gates at the Pentagon.
In the meeting at the Pentagon with Defense Minister Robert Gates, President Zatlers and Minister of Defense Vinets Veldre discussed cooperation in international missions between the armed forces of both countries.
Veldre said that experts from Veterinary Medicine Institute and virology experts evaluated the National Environmental Health Center's equipment and concluded that it is insufficient for immediate and precise diagnoses, therefore, the State Veterinary Service will weigh further action today.
Veldre said that this may be the reason why Lithuania was included in the risk group.
The plan by Defence Minister Vinets Veldre has provoked some sarcasm and bewilderment in the Baltic nation of 2.