Minister of State Without Portfolio Ali Qanso of Lebanon

10:48 MP Marwan Fares to Al-Manar Television: "Ali Qanso is the whole opposition's candidate for the cabinet, not only the Syrian Social Nationalist Party's candidate.
Qanso is a long-time supporter of Syria and served as head of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party from 1996 until July 4.
Speaking to the press following the arrests, Qanso said the weapons were left over from the group’s efforts to fight the Israeli occupation and had been kept “just in case,” The Daily Star reported.
However, Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri called Saniora late Tuesday and officially informed him that Qanso was nominated for the youth and sports portfolio, As Safir reported.
Qanso was a poison pill that is meant to prevent the formation of the new government in order to embarrass President Sleiman in his upcoming summit in Paris.
I think Qanso is gone, hes Not Hezbollahs choice for the Ministry of Youth and Sports.
I resent your dismissivetypically Lebanese btwattitude that Qanso is insignificant and, therefore, ma3lesh, let him in anyway! Were talking about bullies and illegitimate formations here (SSNP, Baath, Hezbollah) who ARE NOT INTERESTED in seeking a modicum of fairplay in Lebanese politics; their only goal is to undermine and ultimately dismantle the Lebanese state.
Qanso is Lebanese and so is his party We dont understand Sinioras objection to his participation in the cabinet, the source added.
at last the new government formation out, and ali qanso is officially a minister, what a disgrace, we are going back in time slowly time the syrian era.
vague promise to try to bring the matter before Cabinet.
The opposition's point of view is that dialogue is the only means to a solution," Qanso said after meeting with former Premier Omar Karami.
the country, Qanso said from the Presidential Palace after briefing the president.
When the Baath Party official Assem Qanso took the initiative to support Aoun and his candidate, Aoun rejected the offer, affirming that Qanso was the friend of Amin Gemayel! The latter imagined a grouping of Assem Qanso and (Ali) Qanso, the SSNP leader who supported Aoun, to announce a position grouping the entire Qanso family (the two are not related, one being from the Bekaa and the other the South.