Minister of Environment Antoine Karam of Lebanon

Karam has been president of the Council since 22 March 1992.
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constructing large public works projects.
Forest fires have eaten up large areas of green and changed it into black, burned areas," Environment Minister Antoine Karam said Saturday.
burned areas, Environment Minister Antoine Karam said Saturday.
Karam is a member of the Parti Socialiste Guyanais (PSG), which has long been the strongest political party and is allied to its French namesake.
Antoine Karam said the president is the best person to nominate the army commander - iloubnan.
Karam said the security situation across Lebanese was unacceptable and emphasized that all weapons outside the framework of legitimacy should be discussed around the national dialogue table.
Karam said that the real problem was Hezbollah’s weapons and called for restricting all arms to “legitimate” military institutions.
Environment Minister Antoine Karam said that Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun’s visit to Syria was “dramatic” and he would not have done it had he been at ease with the Christian public opinion.
In an interview with Future News television on Monday, Karam said that Aoun assumed that citizens had no memory.
Karam said that French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s expected visit to Lebanon was unrelated to the establishment of Lebanese-Syrian diplomatic relations.
Antoine Karam is the President of the Regional Council (Conseil régional) of French Guiana, a région d'outre-mer of France.
Karam has been president of the Council since March 22, 1992.
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Karam was commenting on the martyrdom of Air Force 1st.