Minister of Defense Elias Murr of Lebanon

As interior minister, Murr was in charge of domestic security and intelligence agencies, giving him an unparalleled capacity to threaten and intimidate other public figures in Lebanon.
In addition, Murr had extensive interests in rock quarries in the Metn district and used his ministry to restrict the issuing of licenses to competitors.
Since Lebanese elections are run by the Interior Ministry, Murr had a great deal of power to compromise the integrity of the electoral process in a given district.
One of the factors which sealed Lahoud's alliance with Murr was mutual opposition to MP Nassib Lahoud, a distant cousin and rival of the president who managed to "steal" a Metn parliamentary seat from Murr's steamroller slate in 1996.
Murr was blamed for this humiliating defeat.
Beirut - Lebanese Defence Minister Elias Murr said Tuesday Lebanon will not give Israel an excuse to launch an aggression against the country.
Defense Minister Elias Murr was in the mood for superlatives after he extracted a promise of 10 MiG-29 fighter jets from Russia's government during a trip to Moscow last week.
We are one team, we are working together to set things straight not just in the Metn, but in all Lebanese regions, allowing the Tashnag to naturally represent its constituency in Lebanon," Murr said at his residence in Rabiyeh following a meeting with a Tashnag delegation headed by MP Hagop Pakradounian.
Jul 14, 2005 Prime Minister designate Siniora stresses Lebanon will not give citizenships to PalestiniansPrime Minister designate Fouad Siniora denied claims made by reporters that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas requested the Lebanese government to issue citizenships to Palestinians during his visit to Lebanon.
Jul 14, 2005 Lebanese Defense Minister Elias Murr said he knew there would be an attempt on his lifeLebanese Defense Minister Elias Murr said from his hospital bed Wednesday that he he had "information since March on a planned attempt" on his life, adding that "this information was in the hands of the state security services.
Speaking on Lebanese television from his hospital bed, Murr said that he had sent a letter mentioning the threat on his life to the military public prosecutor a week ago adding that state security had "responsibility for any security act that exposes his life to danger.
Murr is the son-in-law of pro-Syrian President Emile Lahoud and has been tipped for a cabinet post in the government that prime minister-designate Fuad Siniora is struggling to form following last month's election.
Murr said he then saw "saw fire and felt electric shock inside the car.
Tueni, who holds one of Beirut's seats in the newly elected Lebanese parliament, raced in his car through the 10 kilometers from An Nahar's downtown headquarter building to the hilltop hospital in the Metn province to be on hand as Murr was being wheeled into an operation theater for surgery.
Like Lahoud, Murr has long been a Syrian protégé in Lebanon's politics.
Lebanese Defense Minister Elias Murr expressed his sorrow over the assassination of Brigadier General François Hajj.
Murr said that Hajj’s assassination is a blow to the country’s peace and stability.
Lebanese Defense Minister Elias Murr said today that the army had killed at least 222 Islamist militants at the Nahr al-Bared camp, and had captured another 202 during the 15-week standoff.
Murr said 163 soldiers had fallen during the battles at the Palestinian refugee camp but urged their families to hold their heads high as the soldiers’ deaths represented a victory over terrorism.
Although Murr is regarded as pro-Syrian, his father has forged a political alliance with Michel Aoun, a Christian former general who returned in May after 14 years of forced exile for leading a revolt against the Syrian military presence.
Elias already knows the job and knows all the officers," his father said when Murr was sworn in to the government of slain ex- premier Rafik Hariri at the time.
The attack on Murr took place as Seniora continues to struggle to form a new government following last month's parliamentary elections, which the anti-Syrian opposition won.
Murr was hated by his fellow Christians because he was considered a Damascus loyalist, and he instigated an anti-Syrian clampdown on Christian anti-Syrian groups in 2001.
Murr was also hated by the drug smugglers in Lebanon as he launched a campiagn against them between 2003-2004 which led to the arrest of several smugglers.
In 2004 Murr said his security forces had dismantled an Islamist network smuggling arms to be used by the raging insurgency in Iraq.
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Murr was wounded in a bombing in Beirut on July 12 2005.
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Murr was quickly transferred to another car and transported to Serhal's Hospital in neighboring Raboueh: His injuries -Thank God- are shallow.
And the usual suspects are "conveniently" held responsibleBut in Murr's case i think it might be that Elias Murr had some information to divulgue about hariris assasination and some party didn't like it.
Lebanese Defense Minister Elias Murr says his country's army will respond if Israel violates ceasefire after IDF's withdrawal.
Lebanese Defense Minister Elias Murr said that the Lebanese army was in need of antiaircraft missiles and antitank missiles in order to defend his country "against the Israeli aggressiveness.
BYLINE CORRECTION: CORRECTING PHOTO CREDIT TO \'STRINGER\' Lebanese rescue workers carry a body of man killed in the attack targetting the motorcade of Lebanese interim Defence Minister Elias Murr northeast of Beirut on Tuesday, 12 July 2005.
nA document provided by Murr to Fares Kashaan, a journalist with the Lebanese daily Al Mustaqbel, and published following the attack, indicated that a plot was being prepared by Abu Hamam in the Palestinian refugee camp of Ain el Hilweh in southern Lebanon, \nWhile the document did not mention Murr by name, it did suggest that a map of the area where Murr lives and where the blast took place on Tuesday was presented at a meeting inside the camp.
EPA/STRINGERBeirut - Lebanon's Defence Minister Elias Murr was aware for several months of a plot to kill him, sources close to the minister said Wednesday as an investigation continued into Tuesday's assassination attempt.
The aide said Murr had taken the precaution of leaving Lebanon for a month in January and had gone to Geneva where he had discussed the plot to kill him with the late Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, who was assassinated in February.
While the document did not mention Murr by name, it did suggest that a map of the area where Murr lives and where the blast took place on Tuesday was presented at a meeting inside the camp.
but the targeted one was the one Murr was in, this is something we are looking into it," he said.
yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = "Murr knew of assassination plot against him a few months ago";yahooBuzzArticleSummary = "Beirut - Lebanon s Defence Minister Elias Murr was aware for several months of a plot to kill him, sources close to the minister said Wednesday as an investigation continued into Tuesday s assassination attempt.
Elias El Murr has finally blown the whistle.
When Elias El Murr was first proposed for the position of Interior Minister in a Hariri Cabinet a few years ago, I scoffed at the rampant cronyism that let a presidential family member become a Minister.
Yet Elias el Murr has surprised me by proving to be one of Lebanon’s best Interior Ministers.
Three weeks ago, Murr was accusing Muslim fundamentalists of the attempt on his life.
Elias Murr was not put by mistake on the banking secrecy list.
Hence, Elias Murr is providing a proof to save 3ammos ass.
Lebanon's Defense Minister Elias Murr said that four divisions of the Lebanese Army have been deployed along the Syrian-Lebanese border and have been able to halt the smuggling of arms to Hizbullah.
In an interview with the London-based al-Hayat Arabic-language newspaper Murr said that "the Lebanese army has been deployed along the border (with Syria), on the mountains and in the valleys.
Murr expressed his hopes that "these violations will end soon, and if not, the Lebanese army will stand up to them with all of the necessary measures in preparations for the next few months when we will receive new missiles against aircraft, ships, and land forces.
Earlier this week Murr said that the Lebanese army has recently confiscated weapons from the hands of the Hizbullah.
In a press conference in Beirut Murr said that "it is a natural thing.
Despite the fact that the assault took place in broad daylight in front of numerous witnesses, Murr denied that it had even taken place.
end the crisis over the controversial vote tallies.
responsible for verifying election results.