Minister of Tourism Elie Marouni of Lebanon

Marouni said he expected the statement to be completed in a few days, when the cabinet would meet to approve it.
Marouni said major points of controversy would be transferred to the national dialogue table.
On his work with the Tourism Ministry, Marouni said considerable effort was needed to improve Lebanon's image abroad.
Minister Marouni said political rivals had agreed that there was an urgent need to address fundamental issues of concern to Lebanese citizens, particularly their livelihood.
Tourism Minister Elie Marouni has said despite the world financial crisis and the difficult conditions that Lebanon went through the country is able to rise and play its past role in tourism and economy.
Marouni says cabinet refuses to drag Lebanon in.
Minister of Tourism Elie Marouni said, in an interview with the Kuwaiti newspaper on Friday, that the policies and alliances adopted by some Arab countries led to disparity and differences.
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Marouni praised the very positive role of Qatar and the Arab league in helping Lebanon to regain its internal entente and peaceful ways saying it is owing to them that we are now able to meet in Beirut.
Tourism Minister Elie Marouni said on Tuesday that around 2.
Marouni was the guest of Senator Steven A.