Minister of Justice Ibrahim Najjar of Lebanon

I agree on your Comment Mustapha I certainly Ibrahim Najjar is the man for the post though Im not too sure hes LF in his heart of hearts.
Ibrahim Najjar is a great asset and a legal brain.
20:55 NNA: Najjars bodyguard is in critical condition as a result of the road accident.
20:42 The bodyguard of Minister Najjar was killed in the accident.
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The bodyguard of Minister Najjar , Salim Mulhim Taowk was killed in the accident.
Mrs Najjar, wife of Minister Najjar was accompanying him when the accident took place.
The name of the other driver is Nassif Bustani.
Justice Minister Ibrahim Najjar denied in comments published Thursday that he had told As-Sayyad magazine that the four former security chiefs detained for alleged involvement in the assassination of former Premier Rafik Hariri would be transferred to the headquarters of the international tribunal in The Hague.
Ibrahim Najjar was connected with the Kata2eb I don't think he was an LFer.
For those who do not know, Najjar is a Kataeb, he was with Al Mouaarada el Kataebiyeh that Geagea tried to use to bring down George Saadeh and he failed, and that was in a short period of time.
And then, lets say Najjar is appointed Minister of Justice.
9:45am Najjar said that Prime Minister Fouad Saniora has asked Abou Jamra to oversee the implementation of the cabinet policy statement and review agreements reached with Syria in the past.
Najjar had recently said Lebanon is asking for revealing the fate of 745 citizens missing in Syria.
Minister of Justice Ibrahim Najjar said the judicial system should be kept "separate from political debate, and not be affected by it.
Abolishing the death penalty was in line with Lebanon's religious and humanitarian values, as well as its legal culture, Najjar said at the time.
special court would open in the Netherlands in January regardless.
According to judicial sources, the office of Lebanese Justice Minister Ibrahim Najjar said that Lebanon has decided to ask Interpol in Dubai for assistance.
Speaking to ANB television on Tuesday, Justice Minister Ibrahim Najjar said that more than 140 persons are in Syrian jails.
Gaza - paltoday - Israel is winning "collective gains" from the ceasefire with Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip, the most significant of which is border security and maintaining the inter-Palestinian rivalry, Islamic Jihad leader Ibrahim An-Najjar said on Monday.
In a press release, An-Najjar expressed his hope that Palestinian resistance factions will soon reconsider the "humiliating" ceasefire.
BEIRUT: Justice Minister Ibrahim Najjar received visitors on Friday at the Hotel Dieu de France Hospital in Achrafieh, where he was taken along with his wife after suffering major injuries as a result of a car accident late Wednesday.