Minister of State for Administrative Reform Ibrahim Shamseddine of Lebanon

Administrative Development Minister Ibrahim Shamseddine said on Tuesday his membership in the cabinet would reflect on the issue of missing Shiite Spiritual leader Imam Moussa al-Sadr.
Cabinet Minister Ibrahim Shamseddine said Saturday he represents independent Shiites who are not affiliated with political factions.
Ibrahim Shamseddine was appointed as minister expressing a mixed Lebanese, Shia and Arab point of view within the executive power, a point of view that says no to the Guardianship of the Jurist in its traditional Jabal Amel area of influence in Lebanon.
8:32am Shamseddine said that Deputy Prime Minister Issam Abou Jamra is showing cooperation.
Minister of State for Administrative Development Ibrahim Shamseddine told New TV on Thursday that the rocket-launching from South Lebanon was a dangerous, strange and significant occurrence.
Shamseddine said he strongly objected to the way "things were sorted out.
Shamseddine said that Israel did not want to give Palestinians any of their rights.