Deputy Prime Minister Issam Abu jamra of Lebanon

Abu Jamra was a Minister in General Aoun’s government between 1988-1989.
Commenting on MP Michel Murr’s statement where he accused people surrounding Aoun of trying to prolong the vacuum, Abu Jamra said that they are loyal to Aoun, the FPM and their Lebanese cause.
Abu Jamra said that the presidential elections will not be held unless an agreement is reached on mutual concessions.
06:22 Minister Najjar: There is no real position that is called a Deputy Prime minister.
22:08 Deputy Prime Minister Issam Abu Jamra said during a press conference that he left the cabinet meeting because the topic of DPM was not on the agenda of the meeting.
Abu Jamra, a member of Aoun's Free Patriotic Movement, is to accompany President Michel Suleiman on a visit to Saudi Arabia.
Deputy Premier Issam Abu Jamra has rejected an assignment to head a committee that would work out a mechanism for appointing ranking public servants.
Abu Jamra said he rejected the assignment due to the lack of "sufficient" resources that enable him to carry out his mission.
BEIRUT - In an interview to LBCI on Thursday, Abu Jamra said he is determined to raise the unresolved issue of the prerogatives of the Deputy PM with the government.
and to exercise his powers at the Grand Serail.
About continuing to boycott upcoming cabinet session, Abu Jamra said "if the amendment was considered, I would attend.
Abu Jamra had insisted that he will not head the committee tasked with providing a study on a mechanism for appointments to top posts in the public service before the issue of the deputy premier powers had been settled.
Beirut, (SANA)-Lebanese Deputy Prime Minister Issam Abu Jamra said the current visit by Gen.
Beirut - Deputy Premier Issam Abu Jamra said relations between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia have always been excellent, contradicting a declared stand by his boss Michel Aoun, leader of the Free Patriotic movement Abu Jamra, a member of Aoun's Free Patriotic Movement, is to accompany President Michel Suleiman on a visit to Saudi Arabia.
What crime had Abu Jamra had committed to be accused of libel? In fact, he did not break any Lebanese law and did not infringe on any official's rights including General Lahoud's.
Suing Abu Jamra is akin to suing the majority of the Lebanese people in both occupied Lebanon and in Diaspora for the crime of basic honesty, courage and patriotism.
Abu Jamra is suing all those who are saying loudly NO to Syria's hegemony and to its confiscation of sovereignty, independence, freedom and a free decision-making process.
Suing Abu Jamra is in fact, an award and a Medal of Honor added to the many awards and medals granted him during his lengthy military service.
Abu Jamra is a brave Lebanese citizen and a wise leader who cannot be intimidated by suing, threats, imprisonment or exile.
Abu Jamra is the crime of every free Lebanese, fighting peacefully for freedom, independence, sovereignty and calling for the withdrawal of all foreign troops, Syrians, Israelis, Palestinians and others.
Abu Jamra is a criminal in the eyes of the regime for what he wrote, than all the Lebanese people are criminals.
Deputy Premier Issam Abu Jamra said the May 7 attack by Hizbullah and allies against Beirut was necessary.
Asked if the formation of a military cabinet would be a better choice than splitting the nation between two governments, Abu Jamra said a military government "would be a more suitable solution at the security, economic and political levels.
Deputy Prime Minister Issam Abu Jamra thanked “the Russian state on the grant of the MiG 29 fighter jets to Lebanon.
Abu Jamra said in a statement he issued on Tuesday, “the MiG 29 is an advanced plane, but Lebanon needs more useful aid.
monopoly and exclusive possession.
Issam Abu Jamra said Premier Fouad Saniora has offered to rent him a headquarters outside the Grand Serail so he could enjoy "monopoly and exclusive possession.
Abu Jamra had earlier called for establishing his own office at the Grand Serail so he "can keep an eye" on Saniora.
Surely he needs help with that," he answered.