Minister of State Without Portfolio Khalid Qabbani of Lebanon

From BBC Monitoring International Reports) Lebanese Education Minister Dr Khalid Qabbani has said that the UN report on the assassination of former Premier Rafiq al-Hariri provides sufficient grounds to resume investigations into the killing.
Qabbani said the plan will rid Lebanon of the ongoing crisis over electing a president in the Mediterranean country.
serve as shelters to the displaced.
Khalid Qabbani said during the press conference that Lebanese child is our first concern, without him we cannot build a sound and healthy society.
Education Minister Khalid Qabbani has ordered that all public schools remain open to serve as shelters to the displaced.
The new cabinet includes two new ministers – Hasan ‘Akif Saba’ is the new minister of interior and municipalities and senior judge Khalid Qabbani is minister of justice.
During the meeting, Qabbani expressed his profound gratitude and deep regards and appreciation to President H.
During his recent tour of schools in Southern Lebanon, Qabbani said his ministry had completed distributing coupons for purchasing of text book which the UAE government decided to cover the cost.