President Michel Sulayman of Lebanon

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Given these new realities, the only remaining source of legitimacy is the army, and that is why few should be surprised if its commander, General Michel Sulayman is elected the next president of Lebanon.
Unlike Aoun, General Sulayman has the support of Christians and Muslims and is, therefore, a unifier, which is precisely what Lebanon craves for.
President Sulayman accepted this idea and concurred with this point.
Michel Sulayman is not trusted by opposition anymore because he was caught playing games, but if he is elected president he should know that he was not elected by the Lebanese people but by the Arab foreign ministers, US, and France.
We always claimed we are Lebanese, but Lebanon is divided along confessional linesManuela Paraipan: Now that President Sulayman has visited President Assad in Syria, should we expect to see a better state-state relationship emerging? Walid Jumblatt: Its not only about this regime.
Answering a question on the importance of opening a new chapter with Syria, Sulayman says that "Lebanon's relationship with Syria is normal.
Answering another question on the future of the "resistance" in Lebanon, Sulayman says that Lebanon "has gone a long way in strengthening its internal unity.
The news agency says that President Sulayman received the commander of the Indonesian Army, who is visiting Lebanon to inspect the Indonesian force operating with the UNIFIL in the south.
Walid Jumblatt: Its not only about this regime.