Minister of State Without Portfolio Nassib Lahoud of Lebanon

Nassib Lahoud took part in the 2005 legislative elections in his Metn district , at the head of the opposition list.
Nassib Lahoud is since 1995 considered to be the most serious candidate for the presidency.
A former ambassador to Washington and a member of parliament from 1991 to 2005, Lahoud said he would try to be even-handed if elected, without renouncing his March 14 bloc's principles.
Unlike Emile Lahoud, Nassib lahoud is a leading member of the March 14 alliance.
Since 1955 Nassib Lahoud has been considered to be the most serious candidate for the presidency.
State Minister Nassib Lahoud said the government does not provide free assurances to Israel, adding that cabinet decisions are taken to protect Lebanon against the madness of the Israeli aggression on Gaza.
Speaking after his meeting with Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, Lahoud said a "sustainable cease-fire can be achieved by resolving pending problems.
Lebanese-leaders hit list worries US.
Nassib Lahoud is to run for Lebanon's presidency.
What is happening currently on the cellular issue is doing a lot to rock the confidence that we were expecting (out of Paris II), Lahoud said in an interview with The Daily Star.
But where can the country start? Lahoud said that with the troika in full swing, it was not surprising to see politicians like Deputy Speaker Elie Ferzli pronounce both the government and Parliament clinically dead.
Summing up a year full of sectarian tension, struggles between the authorities and the opposition, and various other controversies, Lahoud said he hoped the authorities would drop their campaign of harassing the opposition and listen to proposals to improve things.
Lahoud said he was unaware of any serious work by politicians about pressing reform issues, and the movement that is taking place is alarming.
As for judicial reform, Lahoud said he was not impressed by the recent parting remarks made by his relative, Nasri Lahoud, upon retiring from his duties as a senior magistrate.
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Nassib Lahoud denies meeting ex-Syrian intelligence chiefA newspaper falsely reported that a meeting had taken place between Metn MP Nassib Lahoud and the recently departed chief of Syrian intelligence in Lebanon, Major General Ghazi Kenaan, a statement from Lahoud’s media office said Wednesday.
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Lahoud’s media office said Wednesday.
Nassib Lahoud is since 1995 considered to be the one of the most serious candidates for the presidency.
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Nassib Lahoud is also a unifying candidate more than the respectable rightwing politician Bustros Harb or the incredibly contentious and unwarrantedly provocative Michel Aoun.
Lahoud is a one-of-a-kind in terms of being clean, honest and non-corrupt.
Nassib Lahoud is the kind of Presidents Lebanon needs.
Finally, Nassib Lahoud is surrounded by prominent intellectuals and a highly competent elite, from all Lebanese regions and communities.
The cornerstone are the principles of the March 14 movement, out of which came the independence intifada, baptized in the blood of the noble martyrs," Lahoud said to thunderous applause at a news conference Thursday.
Lahoud said the March 14 position is for majority and opposition to sit and discuss presidential elections but keep out of discussion arguments over the issue of the quorum needed for an electoral session to convene.
Regarding accusations that he is the candidate of the US and Saudi Arabia, Lahoud said such claims are frivolous and said he is proud of his close friendship with Saudi Arabia and close relations with the US, but said he also has good relations with France, the UAE and Egypt which he said can be used to advance Lebanon's interests.
Lahoud said the destiny of the Lebanese and their interests lies in reaching an "honorable internal compromise" based on the Taif Accord, the conclusions of the national dialogue, the policy of Arab solidarity, and in keeping with the decisions of international legitimacy.
Lahoud said Lebanon cannot stand by the wayside and wait for the "regional storm" to pass, nor can Lebanon be plunged into inter-regional struggles to become a platform for confrontation.
Lahoud said that Lebanon supports the Palestinian cause and their right to self determination and is committed to Arab solidarity in seeking to establish a just and comprehensive peace in accordance with the Arab peace initiative proposed by King Abdullah bin Abdel-Aziz of Saudi Arabia.
MORE Lahoud Says He Would Name Suleiman as Provisional Successor Lebanese President Emile Lahoud said he would name army commander General Michel Suleiman as his provisional successor if the warring political sides fail to agree on a permanent head of state.
and Youssef Naaman Corbany were elected.
Lebanon\x27s outgoing pro-Syrian President Emile Lahoud is seen here in March 2007.
Lahoud\x27s anti-Syrian cousin Nassib Lahoud has announced his candidacy to succeed him ahead of a September 25 vote in parliament.
the pro-regime candidate, Myrna Murr.
Lahoud lives in a security cocoon far from the public eye.
Lahoud has not left his home in weeks out of fear that he will be assassinated.
Lahoud is also the son of, Salim Lahoud, a former lawmaker and government minister.
rejected the step to break the law.
with a ticket Lahoud is putting together.
Lahoud said he hoped a consensus on the presidency, reserved for Maronite Christians in Lebanon’s power-sharing system, would emerge before Emile Lahoud, his cousin and political foe, leaves office, but said negotiations could go down to the wire.
Lahoud said “all weaponry must be in the sole custody of the Lebanese governmentâ€‌, advocating a dialogue over the weapons held by Hezbollah, the only Lebanese group to stay armed to fight Israel after the country’s devastating 1975-90 civil war.
Nassib Lahoud is a leading member of the anti-Syrian March 14 alliance.
BEIRUT: Democratic Renewal Movement lead Nassib Lahoud said Wednesday that Lebanon was "keen on promoting cooperation with the European Union in the different economic and social fields.
Speaking following his meeting with a European parliamentary delegation, Lahoud said Lebanon "is preparing to implement political, economic and social reforms, as well as establishing diplomatic relations with Syria based on mutual respect for each country's sovereignty.
For all his qualities, Metn MP Nassib Lahoud has not lived up to the expectations of those who support his gospel of reform.
This means Lahoud has to avoid getting sidetracked by those who instinctively support what he would like to do but lack his ability to see issues from a truly progressive perspective.
Lahoud is one of the nation''s most gifted sons, and he has much to contribute to Lebanon''s revitalization.