Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Nawaf Salam of Lebanon

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Salam is a Jurist and a Visiting Associate Professor of Political Science at the American University of Beirut.
Salam was a foreign legal consultant at the law firm of Edwards Angell in Boston, Massachusetts.
Salam is married and has two children.
Salam said that the UN has taken Lebanon’s point of view into consideration, even though the final decision is up to the UN General Secretariat.
Salam has also stressed the need to reform the UN Security Council in an effort to increase its efficiency," the newspaper reported.
Salam said that the delays in implementing international resolutions, or worse, their nonimplementation "cause severe dangers," which he said, "affect the credibility of the Security Council.
Salam said that over the past year the Security Council had held 224 official meetings, 192 deliberation sessions, and received 52 presidential statements, adopting, in the process, 71 resolutions and issued 47 press releases.
But Lebanese Ambassador Nawaf Salam said it was Israel that was at fault through daily violations of Lebanese airspace, refusal to hand over maps of cluster bombs it had left in Lebanon and refusing to withdraw from occupied areas.
Lebanese envoy Nawaf Salam said Lebanon's deployment of troops to the south was evidence of its compliance with the resolution that halted the fighting.