Minister of Displaced People Raymond Audi of Lebanon

Raymond Audi comes from a line of bankers that stretches back 175 years to 1830, when Hanna Audi inherited his father’s exchange business in Sidon, in southern Lebanon.
Bank Audi has become one of the region’s most successful and.
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Beyond enhancing its positioning on its domestic market over the past year, Bank Audi has actually accelerated the pace of its regional expansion, launching outlets in a number of new markets in the Middle East and North Africa region.
Bank Audi was engaged over the past seven years in a huge restructuring, consisting of strengthening its human and financial resources, widening its branch network, developing its IT and electronic banking infrastructures, and diversifying its activities towards retail banking, private banking and capital market activities at large.
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Audi had acquired Saradar Bank a few years ago, in one of the biggest bank transactions in Lebanese history.
He expressed his high regard for the cooperation that Bank Audi received from ATFP's management.
Audi said that there was a possibility of Saudi Arabia providing some financial assistance on the matter.
Raymond Audi said in a statement Thursday.
grew by 36 percent to LL65 billion in 2002, compared with 2001.
Bank Audi has become the latest Lebanese bank to commence operations in Syria, following the footsteps first set by BLOM and BEMO banks.