Minister of State Without Portfolio Wael Abu faour of Lebanon

Beirut - MP Wael Abu Faour of the Democratic Gathering bloc said that no one is rejecting dialogue in principle, and that MP Walid Jumblatt is forever seeking solutions to the present crisis.
Abu Faour said that dialogue must be held under an Arab umbrella with guarantees.
Commenting on his vision of the near future, Abu Faour said that everything is waiting for the results of discussions and depends on the seriousness of the opposition in dealing with initiatives.
Democratic Gathering bloc MP Wael Abu Faour denied on Thursday that MP Walid Jumblatt had called for Syria to be occupied by the United States.
Commenting on MP Michel Aouns stance on the initiative, Abu Faour said it contradicts the spirit of the proposal.
However, Democratic Gathering member Wael Abu Faour said "consultations persist to crystallize a cabinet.
Instead, we were offered the public works portfolio," Abu Faour said but avoided indicating that the party insists on filling the seat.
In an interview with the Voice of Lebanon radio station on Tuesday, Minister of State Wael Abu Faour said that the reconciliation in Tripoli should extend to all areas in Lebanon that faced security conflicts.
In the meantime, MP Wael Abu Faour said he tries to jest with his colleagues whenever they get depressed at being stuck in a hotel room that their choice is simple.
On Thursday, anti-Syrian MP Wael Abu Faour had warned Moussa - who is attempting to ease tensions between Lebanon and Syria - that he was not welcome if his mission was aimed at clearing Damascus.
under the slogan of a consensus on a president,” legislator Wael Abu Faour said in a statement.