Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohlabi Kenneth Tsekoa of Lesotho

After serving as Government Secretary for five years, Tsekoa was appointed to the Senate and sworn in on June 14, 2001.
The Honourable Minister Mohlabi Kenneth Tsekoa was born on the 13th of August 1945.
Tsekoa was a teacher at Hlotse High School.
Mohlabi Kenneth Tsekoa said that as long as the blockade exists, his country will continue to oppose it.
On the same day, Lesotho Foreign Minister Mohlabi Kenneth Tsekoa said in his meeting with Chinese ambassador that Lesotho will back China's efforts to safeguard national sovereignty and territory integrity, stressing that the handling of the Lhasa riot was China's internal affairs and no other countries have the right to make irresponsible remarks on the issue.