Minister of Communications, Science, and Technology Mothetjoa Metsing of Lesotho

Cabinet Minister Mothetjoa Metsing was quoted as saying "it's just unfortunate that because we did not build enough dams we are relying on rain.
Minister Metsing has since claimed that that he was not aware of the technical difficulties that have lead to the shutting down of PC FM.
ANDREW GEOGHEGAN: Mothetjoa Metsing is Lesotho's Minister of Communications.
Mothetjoa Metsing is a Lesotho Government Cabinet Minister:MOTHETJOA METSING: Lesotho has a lot of water.
Apart from the ministers, Metsing said senior government officials like principal secretaries and others were also part of the alleged hit list.
Metsing said the conspiracy was hatched at different meetings convened by some public transport operators last Sunday.
Fraud Management workshop held in Maseru on Wednesday.