Minister of Health and Social Welfare Mphu Ramatlapeng of Lesotho

Ramatlapeng is a medical doctor by profession.
Ramatlapeng has been leading the health sector reform in Lesotho and championing health issues both domestically and internationally.
Ramatlapeng has been an active member in both public and private sectors.
The Clinton Foundations Mphu Ramatlapeng was sworn in as Lesothos Minister of Health this month at the invitation of the King and Prime Minister of the country.
Making the announcement at a press conference in the capital Maseru Monday afternoon, Lesotho Health and Social Welfare Minister Mphu Ramatlapeng said that the intervention by the government follows a realisation that many patients in the country failed to pay for health services in the rural areas due to poverty.
Ramatlapeng said the motive behind the agreement was to ensure equal health services were available to all citizens, noting that the government will subsidise all CHAL health centres, clinics and hospitals in order for them to cater for the loss of income that will be experienced as a result of lower payment rates of services from CHALs rates to state rates.
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