Minister of Finance and Development Planning Timothy Thahane of Lesotho

Thahane said the DRC elections were an important milestone, adding to the increasing number of SADC member states which have gone through an electoral process and the democratic route.
Thahane said foreign investment holds the key to improved growth: "Sub-Saharan Africa attracts between one and two percent of global foreign direct investment.
Political observers predicted recently that Thahane had to be nominated to Senate before the Prime Minister, Pakalitha Mosisili could take him aboard as his finance minister.
Thahane said to expand Lesothos technical skills development, arrangements are underway to open the Limkokwing University of Design and Technology, whose headquarters is in Malaysia, and US$4.
Finance minister Timothy Thahane said here on February 10 the cut was to diversify the country's export range.
RESERVE Bank deputy governor Timothy Thahane had to fill in for governor Chris Stals who could not make it to this week's parliamentary briefing to the media.
Thahane said recent economic indicators "are in a positive direction and if they seem to be holding, one could hopefully look forward to a relaxation in the monetary policy in the course of this year.
Thahane said the key issues that faced the SA economy were to create a fast-growing economy which would generate jobs on a sustainable basis, reduce poverty and improve quality of life, develop a stable macro-economic environment, stimulate investment, and maintain a low rate of inflation.
Thahane said the remaining forex constraints "are more of an administrative nature" and the Bank would move slowly forward in eliminating them.
Both the Supachai and Thahane had Tuesday attended a one-day conference aimed at supporting a fund to help developing countries gain better access to international trade.
Revenue Pool; trade relations; and the consolidation of SACU.
Thahane said member states were in the process of considering and signing a memorandum of understanding that would accord the Botswana government permission to underwrite the financial obligations that would be incurred by SADC under the PPP on behalf of the regional body.
Thahane said the council re-emphasised the importance of gender and the need to establish systematic measures to address gender inequalities at both national and regional levels.
Looking ahead, the leadership of Minister of Finance and of Development Planning Timothy Thahane is instrumental for implementation.
Thahane said a task force would be set up to forge ahead with the planned customs union.
MBOTO FOUDA: On the progress of the NEPAD, Minister Thahane is volunteering, and then I will maybe ask Mr.