Minister of Internal Affairs Ambulai Johnson of Liberia

Receiving the first batch of 20 out of 100 vehicles, Internal Affairs Minister Ambulai Johnson said the Liberian Government and people were proud of the excellent collaboration taking place between the government and Arcelor Mittal in addressing the nation's reconstruction and development programs.
Internal Affairs Minister Ambulai Johnson said taking government to the people "is very demonstrative of the president's desire to make sure that everyone participates in the development process.
There's even an office within Johnson's ministry that issues permits for lesser forms of trial by ordeal, though Johnson says he's against any government support for this kind of tribal justice.
Johnson says the practice of sassywood is especially strong in rural areas of Liberia, where people are distrustful of the government.
Describing the UN as a most trusted and cooperative partner, Minister Johnson said he considered the presentation of the completed building as a support to the governments capacity-building efforts.
Meanwhile, reports reaching The NEWS late Thursday evening indicate that Minister Johnson has recalled Superintendent Neufville to Monrovia and appointed Mr.
Addressing the meeting, Liberian Internal Affairs Minister Ambulai Johnson said that civil had thwarted attempts by previous regimes to initiate the decentralisation development process in Liberia.
Hailing the successful completion of the administration building project as a new beginning, Minister Johnson said the new building will enable various line ministries of government to provide services to the people, build capacity of local officials, and contribute to Liberia’s development.