Minister of National Defense Brownie Samukai of Liberia

Brownie Samukai is the Minister of National Defence of Liberia.
Minister Samukai found himself in a very delicate position.
However, Samukai has been accused of misusing his power; there have been allegations that he has ordered soldiers to manhandle other senior Liberian government officials - the Comptroller General of the Ministry of Finance in August 2008.
Defense Minister Brownie Samukai has disclosed that massive looting of the newly renovated buildings at the Edward B.
Samukai said theyve raised numerous warnings by calling on individuals to stop encroaching on properties believed to be owned by the Liberian government.
Samukai has said that his Ministry will award the best performing high school in ROTC during the August 24, 2007- Flag Day parade.
committed to pure democratic and civilized values.
The assurance was given Thursday, when Liberia's Minister of Defense Brownie Samukai met with Officials of the US Defense Department, at the Pentagon, outside Washington DC.
Minister Samukai is on an official visit to the United States on invitation by the US government, to review the restructuring process of the Armed forces of Liberia, and the civilian staff of the Ministry of Defense.
Defense Minister Samukai said the new AFL is targeting an immediate strength of a little over 2,000, which the government would support fully with its existing resources.
the two governments in all fields.
National Defense Minister Brownie Samukai is enjoining members of the 52nd National Legislature to pass the Draft National Defense Act into law.
Defense Minister Brownie Samukai has ordered the immediate expulsion of Private Korson Cooper, for being in possession of narcotic drugs.
Samukai said he looked forward to greater cooperation and between the two governments in all fields.
But Samukai says that will change.
Samukai says Liberia needs a credible army not only for internal security, but also to guide against crisis brewing in neighboring countries such as Ivory Coast.
Liberian Defense Minister Samukai says that has not been a problem in Liberia, and that his government has been trying to convince neighbors of the usefulness of AFRICOM.
Samukai said he appreciates the work of Chinese officers involved in UN peacekeeping operations in Liberia.
Samukai is regarded as a safe pair of hands for the crucial Defence Ministry.
Since fleeing Liberia when former warlord Charles Taylor came to power, Samukai has worked for the UN in East Timor and Tanzania.
Liberia stands by the one-China policy, that is the policy we will pursue," Brownie Samukai said in Beijing.
Minister Samukai said he looks forward to more of such capacity building opportunities from the British Government for utilization by both the AFL and other civilian staff of the ministry.
Liberias Defence Minister Fears UN Troop Reduction (The Inquirer and New Democrat) In response to the United Nations Security Councils Resolution and request for an eventual troop reduction in Liberia, Defence Minister Brownie Samukai said that the request is premature on the grounds that there are no security structures in place in Liberia to encourage such a plan.
Minister Samukai said Liberia does not have the capability to take over its own security should the peacekeepers leave the Country.
Samukai said Liberia wants better and improved relations between Liberia and Cote dIvoire as the recovery process progresses in the two countries.
Minister Brownie Samukai said the MOU strengthens the bilateral relationships and military partnerships between Liberia and Rwanda.