Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Conmany Wesseh of Liberia

Sawyer and Conmany Wesseh took place four days later.
Wesseh is a leading figure in the worldwide campaign against the proliferation and uncontrolled flow and misuse of small arms and light weapons considered as the main instruments in the exacerbation of the conflicts in Africa, the undermining of democracies and the wanton abuse of human rights.
MONROVIA, October 13 --Deputy Foreign Minister for International Cooperation, Conmany Wesseh said Liberia can not wait for promises that would be long on delivery, but urged partners wanting to assist the war-ravaged country's recovery process to contribute timely before conditions worsen.
Speaking at a three-day dialogue on post –conflict Liberian debt, aid and development, Deputy Minister Wesseh said that Liberia was unable to pay its huge debt accumulated over the decades.
Ambassador Wesseh expressed deep appreciation to the Foreign Ministry family, particularly staff of the Bureau of International Cooperation and Economic Integration for the honor bestowed upon him, and promised to use his expertise acquired from the Ministry in furtherance of his new post at the United Nations.
a violent attack in the space of a year and a half.
death of government critic Samuel Dokie.
According to a Foreign Ministry, Ambassador Wesseh expressed gratitude to the coordinator and entire staff of the Commission for their efficiency and dedication demonstrated over the period, leading to the success of the small arms program in Liberia.
Wesseh comes when the need is acute for the UN to maintain UNMIL in Liberia for few more years and for the world body to engaged Liberia more substantially in terms of financial and technical assistance for the revitalization of the economy and reconstruction," said one human rights advocate.
Wesseh was preferred by his West African brothers and sisters to serve as Deputy and then as Acting Secretary General of the Accra-based All Africa Students Union between 1982 and 1989, and Executive Committee member of the Prague-based International Union of Students.
Wesseh said his group also thought the meeting should involve only those political parties "represented in the national assembly" and civil society bodies "actively promoting" democracy.
Conmany Wesseh is a committee member of the International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA), a non-governmental organization (NGO), of which Amnesty International is a founding member.
Wesseh says implementing the program will not be easy.
Wesseh is the brother of Conmany Wesseh, the exiled Executive Director of the Centre for Democratic Empowerment.