Minister of Land, Mines, and Energy Eugene Shannon of Liberia

Harry Eugene Shannon was born 14 Dec 1895, in Nichols, Muscatine, Iowa to Robert Thomas and Caroline (Hechtner) Shannon.
Minister Shannon discussed with US policies and strategies in four sectors of his ministry.
for development and not for conflict.
June 30: Having finally reached Eugene, Shannon describes what her first day in Tracktown USA was like.
Shannon said the company has taken over an institution that was dormant but it has begun many activities, indicating that indeed it has started.
Speaking further to the press, Minister Shannon said that the bidding process for the Western Cluster has been completed and that the committee charged with reviewing and studying proposals will submit its findings to him for onward transmission to the President of Liberia.
Shannon said with the completion of the Western cluster, concentration would then be on Bong mines, for which he said five companies have expressed their interest to restart its operations.
Rowbury: Day 1 in Eugene Rowbury: Day 1 in EugeneHaving finally reached Eugene, Shannon describes what her first day in Tracktown USA was like and what she did to continue preparing for the biggest race of her life.
Shannon said government has continued to educate people beforehand that weather conditions are changing and that this is a regular phenomenon so they should move from the beaches to higher and safer grounds.
Shannon said caring capacity of Monrovia has changed.
Shannon said there are a number of measures that can be put in place to reduce coastal erosion.
Mayor Shannon was born Jan 27, 1936 in Limestone County to James Berry and Will Edna Lewter Shannon.
Thank you so much for that interview, Eugene! Shannon is a treasure, and there's no words to describe how much I'm going to miss her.
Anna Ellen SHANNON was born about 1909 in Missouri.
Opal Ellen SHANNON was born on March 17, 1903 in Sumner, Missouri.
Virgil Roy SHANNON was born on February 6, 1905 in Sumner, Missouri.
Earl Louis SHANNON was born on September 8, 1906 in Sumner, Missouri.
Ruby Isabelle SHANNON was born on October 19, 1908 in Sumner, Missouri.
She was living in 1976 in Paola, Kansas.
Glen Raymond SHANNON was born on February 1, 1915 in Sumner, Missouri.
921 ii Dailey Eugene SHANNON was born in Moberly, Missouri.
She died on April 28, 1947 in Moberly, Missouri.
He died on July 16, 1949 in Moberly, Missouri.
Clyde Leroy SHANNON was born on February 25, 1917 in Sumner, Missouri.
Ella Irene SHANNON was born on December 11, 1918 in Pomona, Kansas.