Minister of Agriculture J. Christopher Toe of Liberia

Chris Toe has been serving as Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Liberia since January 2006.
Chris Toe has admonished agriculture ministers from the Mano River Union (MRU) to transform the region's agriculture production from low productivity by increasing crop yields, improving appropriate infrastructure, and strengthening institutional capacities and market linkages.
Toe said that discussions are currently ongoing with funding being sought from international donors.
Minister Toe said a large number of ex-combatants on the plantation have already participated in the disarmament and demobilization process so they were being registered for reintegration assistance.
Chris ToeJob Performance: Toe has been vocal in his plea for more aid for Liberia’s agriculture sector which he says lacksthe support and respect it deserves.
The Bottom Line: Toe has a huge challenge as the bulk of the agricultural and macroeconomic policies of the country remain ineffective, thus undermining the resilience of the farming sector.
While human rights defender Aloysius Toe is still languishing in Taylor's dungeon for receiving e-mail from LURD, the dissident group fighting to unseat Mr.