Minister of Posts and Telecommunications Jeremiah Sulunteh of Liberia

The Minister of Transport, Jeremiah Sulunteh has identified with students of the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU) on Camp Johnson Road in their construction project on the main campus of the University.
Sulunteh said As you embark on this project, see yourselves as a new ambassador of a new order.
vehicle inspection exercise without any authorization.
Minister Sulunteh was accepted and welcomed into the party by the outgoing Secretary General and a youth representative of the Unity party.
SULUNTEH said the need for efficient postal services and the prospects for growth were clear.
Post and Telecommunications Minister Jeremiah Sulunteh has joined the ruling Unity Party.
Outgoing Transport Minister Jeremiah Sulunteh said government purchased a machine for the production of the new license.
Minister Sulunteh said the issuance of the new license would run from February 11 to June 30 this year.
Minister Sulunteh said motorcyclists would also be given operational license.
USAID made known thecommitment during the signing of the open skies agreement, which will seeJeremiah Sulunteh said USAID has promised to provide $3.
Liberia's Transport MinisterJeremiah Sulunteh said USAID has promised to provide $3.